Sharon in her Newcastle studio
Sharon Davson in her Newcastle studio gallery

to the world of Davson ... the artist

"Sharon Davson greets every day with gratitude.  She is a passionate and compassionate ambassador for world peace, the Earth’s wildlife, environment and many of its exceptional people.  She makes a difference in our world through her inspiration and generosity. " 

Celia Berrell   2010

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Pat farmer World flag sticker
       Davson's art and World Flag blended 

Davson's paintings are rare and highly valued art investments.  Each work is documented and authenticated.

For those interested in art, collectors or art investors, this is very important as you know her paintings are original and worked on by the artist.

Also important, is that in a thirty year professional career, Davson has thus far only created about 100 paintings.  Yet it has been through the sale of her art that the artist has lived, managed staff and supported herself during years of mostly volunteer charity work for different causes.  This is most unusual for Australian artists, for any artist, as the majority are teachers or have other non-art-sale income streams to support their art passions.  

Davson is also the highest valued living artist in Australia.

Since the late 1980's, her work has been valued in the upper ends of the Australian professional art market and her output small in number.  Many consider it a privilege to own a painting by her.  

Davson is a passionate Global citizen, so you will find her involved many projects.

In 2014, exhibitions of her art were held in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the Peres Peace House in Tel Aviv.  In Jerusalem, Australia's Ambassador Dave Sharma was the Special Guest.  These exhibitions were in association with her significant Sponsorship in Israel of the Middle East Peace Run.

Interestingly, an art investor-collector in the Republic of China was the first to commission and acquire a painting by Davson in her Connecting Friends series.

Sharon gifts Tony Abbott PM with World Flag
     Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
        receives a World Flag from Davson

* * *  In front of her art, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott received a World Flag from Sharon Davson in Parliament House, Canberra, in 2014.

Davson, her art and World Flag then went to the Middle East for exhibitions in her Connecting Friends cultural exchange which crossed the borders of art, sport and other endeavours.  The media launch in the House of Representatives Alcove, Parliament House, Canberra, celebrated Pat Farmer as the key athlete in the Middle East peace run.   

This Prime Ministerial event heralded the start of a progressively unfolding, multi-year cultural exchange being led by Davson ~ Connecting Friends art exhibitions to be shown in countries in the Middle East, Asia and beyond over coming years.  

World Flag
           The World Flag
Peace Run Logo
The logo colours are
from the World Flag

Displayed in all venues will be a World Flag designed by Sharon Davson in 2004 as a symbol for harmony for all on our Earth.  She will travel with the exhibitions and events.

These exhibitions include real and 'virtual' Davson masterworks; 'virtual' art exhibitions showcasing other artists, as well as a very special 2.5 metre hand-made World Flag endorsed with the names of supporters.

These Davson ~ Connecting Friends cultural exchange and World Flag events, are being filmed for future documentary uses.    

You could be an honoured participant in these Cultural Exchange events with Davson as an art collector, artist or supporter.

Please scroll down lower on this page for details on participating.

Davson’s art has touched the hearts and minds of people in over 80 countries.

Gifts commissioned by Horst Rechelbacher,  Aveda Corporation, USA.
commissioned by Horst Rechelbacher,
Aveda Corporation, USA.

Her work is represented in prominent international collections - public, royal and corporate.

Her art is prized both for its own sake and as a quality investment.

“A great artist who reminds us we are united with all things. We are not alone. Our actions impact on the soil, the air and all life forms. Her command of the visual medium awakens our spirit to respect everyone and everything. Her work is truly international, her work is for the world, to unite our understanding”.

Horst Rechelbacher, Founder & CEO, Aveda Corporation; Founder & Chair,Give To The Earth Foundation; Member, Green Cross Committee; USA - 1996

Her work is represented in approximately 40 public art gallery, city or university collections.

“An artist whose work engages us all, with courage, dignity and humour.”

 Sir Cliff Richard OBE, international singing legend; UK - 2010
Sir Cliff Richard OBE,
international singing legend;
UK - 2010

Sir Edmund Hillary World Famous Mountaineer, First person to climb Mount Everest; New Zealander, 1995

Survey exhibitions of Davson’s art have shown 26 times in public art galleries across Australia; and a public arts museum honours her in its name, - the Davson Arts Museum peace and environment centre.

“I am honoured to be a Patron of the Davson Arts Museum and other ventures associated with Sharon's art and charitable activities.”

Sir Cliff Richard OBE, 2010

 Neil Diamond, international singing legend; USA - 1995
Neil Diamond,
international singing legend;
USA - 1995
Davson’s exceptional art and charitable works have been embraced by over 300 world leaders from diverse fields including entertainment, arts and sport.

“Sharon, keep up the good work, love, Neil.”

Davson’s art and initiatives have been copied by others in many countries since the early 1990's.
Such is the world leading calibre of this artist.

 Sir Nigel Mansell OBE, 1992 Formula One World Champion, 1993 IndyCar Champion; UK - 1993
Sir Nigel Mansell OBE,
1992 Formula One World Champion,
1993 IndyCar Champion; UK - 1993
“A remarkably gifted artist who can even get drivers to pay attention.”

Sharon Davson AFDA DipT is an internationally successful and inspirational Australian artist, art consultant, fashion designer and moving keynote speaker for events, conferences, executive functions, workshops and cultural activities.

For charitable groups Davson is a tireless worker, fundraiser and donor,an advocate for peace, our Earth and all its disadvantaged.

Ultra-marathon runner, and past Federal Member of Parliament, the Honourable Pat Farmer said:

Pat Farmer MP with Sharon Davson  and her Turning Point painting
Pat Farmer MP with Sharon Davson
and her Turning Point painting
“In 2000, I was speaking at a function in Sydney when Davson’s art in the venue caught my eye. The detail, the expression, the
colour and the use of Australian native icons left
an indelible mark on my mind.

So much so, that I contacted the artist and commissioned a work that might explain the turmoil that my life was going through, reflections from my past and the vision I had for the future….”

Davson is gifted with the ability to be able to translate the thoughts, moments and places of a person’s life into a work of art for those that care to seek and understand. Her painting, Turning Point, gives me a sense of escapism. Reflecting on what the images are, what they were
about and what they will be, takes me away from the chaotic corporate world that
I find myself in these days. Her art gives me the chance to see what might have been,
what is and what could be.

I respect Sharon Davson both as a creative leader and humanitarian. She has a
passion for promoting greater harmony in our local and global communities among all peoples and creatures.

Davson does not follow trends, she sets them.
Davson was the first artist to become a significant sponsor of an international sporting event.

Davson was a significant Sponsor of Pat Farmer’s Pole to Pole run down both the American continents; and the Middle East peace run in Israel.

Pat Farmer set several new world records with his run from the North Pole to South Pole, a distance of 21,000 kilometres!  He ran an average 80 kilometres every day for 11 months, through 14 countries in some of the toughest environments and weather extremes.

He already held several sporting world records.  His Pole to Pole added more. 

"By combining our talents we make a greater difference.

To invest in art that adds much value, please consider the Investment Art of Davson, view the other early listed web pages on this website, then contact ..."

Davson's paintings are very well documented, giving certainty that paintings by her are original and rare. The collector was mindful of this when contracts were exchanged for the purchase of a 1985 painting by Davson for $5.2 million (US $5.4m) in 2012.  Points of View established a new record value for a painting by a LIVING Australian artist.

Within days, the event was registered with Re-Sale Royalty / Copyright Agency.  (Since June 2010, this Agency has endeavoured to protect the rights of Australian artists and ensure artists receive a royalty when their art is re-sold.)

Davson was commissioned in 1985 to create Points of View for a Central Coast resort.   It has changed hands several times, mostly without prior knowledge by the artist, as have many of her works from collector to collector.

Since the early 1980's, Sharon Davson has mostly been represented through her studio and art gallery complexes, being predominantly open by appointment.  In NSW these have been in Sydney, Newcastle, Richmond; and QLD in Townsville.  With the assistance of staff and others, for much of her career to date she has remained outside of the standard commercial art gallery limelight. 

The owners of her art and those who have participated with her work read like a Who's Who of the celebrity and corporate worlds, yet she has maintained a rather private life.

Points of View made the papers after Whitehead Gupta Lawyers announced they had signed contracts for its sale $5.2 million. Within three days of this becoming public knowledge, the sale was registered with the Australian Copyright Agency Resale Royalty Scheme which, since 2010, has protected artists by ensuring they receive the government recommended royalty from the re-sales of their art. This Agency Re-sale Scheme is assisting many artists whose art has gained value as it changes hands; including other prominent Davson re-sales.

Boyd Nelson of Whitehead Gupta Lawyers, issued the following statement in July 2012 which was printed in many papers, including the Sydney Morning Herald.

"Points of View is an iconic Davson painting lavishly themed with her signature jig-saw puzzle pieces, and includes subtle personal motifs woven into the expansive canvas.
It is an opportune investment in this leading female artist's work.

"We regard it as a significant work in Davson's career, as well as an important work in the history of Australian art.

"Given the comparatively small out-put by this remarkable internationally accredited artist, and with much of Davson's art sold before being created, it is rare to have the opportunity to acquire such a major painting.... Our client is very happy with his purchase."

                                                          Points of View  . . . photograph by David Wallace

Davson's art is represented in public collections including in the Hikaru Memorial Museum in Takayama, Japan, the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwin and 40 public art gallery, city or university collections. Her art is also represented in 2 Royal collections and over 60 corporate collections in Australia, the USA, Japan and New Zealand. 

Points of View
in the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, QLD.

From 1999 to 2002, Davson's major retrospective exhibitionWith Gratitude For The Light toured 14 public regional art galleries throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. It showcased 63 artworks dating from 1972 to 1999.Points of View featured in this inspirational touring exhibition.

The majority of these exhibition pieces were borrowed back from public, corporate and private collections, including the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Coro Corp. New Zealand & Hawaii, Cathay Pacific Airways, Konica Australia, the Rooty Hill RSL Club & Resort, the Win Davson Art Gallery & Museum and the private collection of James Fairfax AO.

2008-11 another large retrospective exhibition Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenmenttoured in Australia.

Among the Patrons for this exhibition were Sir Cliff Richard, Leo Sayer, Pat Farmer, Newman Haas Racing (owned by Carl Haas and film star the late Paul Newman, Dame Cleo Laine, Sir Jack Brabham and Nana Mouskouri.  It featured art works from 1973 to 2007 which were mainly borrowed from superannuation fund collections.

Davson currently resides in the Newcastle - Lake Macquarie region NSW.  She is an artist who rarely entered competitions and has had very few commercial art exhibitions. She has not needed to.

Her art and its benefits to the immediate and broader communities are held in high regard.   Davson has recently been supported as the creative leader of a new Spiritualism in art and is readily identified as a Personal Globalist. She established two charities, assisting endangered species and promoting world peace, and continues to participate in benefiting other community organisations.

. . . "Davson's work has sincerity and beauty, conveying messages of hope in an uplifting and inspirational approach to art. Davson lights a path leading us forward. Her art is strong, confident and reaches out to people of diverse cultural backgrounds.”

Davson with Restoring The Gold  photo by David Wallace, 2008
Davson with Restoring The Gold 
photo by David Wallace, 2008

Wairah Marzuki, Director, National Art Gallery of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1999

Over 300 world-renowned leaders have supported her work. From cultural, entertainment and sporting arenas, they have included Sir Edmund Hillary, Neil Diamond, Paul Newman, Sir Cliff Richard, Dame Joan Sutherland, Sir Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Linda Evangelista, the Hon. Pat Farmer, Layne Beachley, Cathy Freeman, Bon Jovi and many more.

Davson was a sponsor of Pat Farmer's epic run from the North Pole to the South Pole through the Americas as documented in his book Pole to Pole run.

In 2012, a visit by Pat Farmer to Davson's studio gallery to discuss the progress of a major painting she is creating as the official artist to the Pole to Pole event, co-incided with members of the press being there to interview Davson regarding her record making painting values.  

Both athlete and artist have received comments such as 'can't be done'.  
Both are major achievers in their respective arenas.

A realistic visionary, Davson is ... the artist world leaders follow.


What is your next art acquisition going to be?  
Is it to be an investment in a Davson?

email:  . . . mobile: +61 . (0)416 026 426

The value of Davson's paintings has doubled within approximately every 5 years for 3 decades, <>
and periodically more frequently.

Connecting Friends

Artists are invited to participate.  All artists who create visually uplifting, or spiritually inspiring art or art in any medium with a message of hope and peace, are encouraged to have their art shown in these international exhibitions.  

Yes, artists from all regions of the globe are invited to take part in this cultural exchange with the Middle Eastern countries.  
Please visit Middle East exhibition page in the menu for details.

  <i>Turning Point</i><br/> 2001 - oil paint on linen canvas<br/>  92 cm high x 1.02 cm wide  commissioned by Pat Farmer
   Turning Point
    2001 - oil paint on linen canvas
    92 cm high x 1.02 cm wide

It is hoped that these real and ‘virtual’ art exhibitions will contribute inspiration, as well as support friendships and cooperation in many and diverse communities, as well as assist charitable initiatives in the countries in which they are shown and elsewhere.

Many of the participating artists are part of a new art movement known as Arkism, focussed on creating art that uplifts and inspires joy and with a strong spiritual focus.  The movement has been growing since 2011 as a response to Davson's work.  Thus she has become its acknowledged leader in November of that year.

Davson intends that the art exhibitions and World Flag events assist charities in the countries in which they occur.

PAt Farmers peace run shirt featuring Sharon's art
Davson's art on Pat's shirt 

The first phase of Davson ~ Connecting Friends under a World Flag included Pat Farmer’s 1,350 kilometre Peace Run in the Middle East.  Pat plans to run in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

He will be running through beautiful lands that are rich in history and influence, the threads of which are woven into the fabric of cultures across the world. Frequently, he will be joined hundreds of other people as a moving plea for understanding in complex situations and reminding us of the simple fact that we are all human.

Davson the artist is a supporter of this ultra-marathon peace run endeavour.

There are many ways in which you can participate, and they are all rewarding.

Just consider in which aspect of the project you would most desire to be honoured, or is it all three?  Opportunities are progressively unfolding.

Davson ~ Connecting Friends Cultural exchange - - the World Flag - - the Peace Run 

Davson ~ Connecting Friends is a collection of Davson's Masterworks and virtual art displays going to the Middle East in association with Pat Farmer's Peace Run and the Middle East Launch of her World Flag.  

Pole to pole tribulations
            2011-12 - oil paint on linen canvas
                  92 cm high x 1.02 cm wide

All works by Davson in these exhibitions have been made available for sale.  Funds from sales of these paintings will assist the Davson ~ Connecting Friends cultural exchange, exhibitions and events in many countries in the Middle East over time, and charitable initiatives in the countries exhibiting the art, and assist towards permanent arts, peace and environment centres in Australia and elsewhere.

And, Davson is also a supporter of Pat Farmer's Middle East peace run.

Please see the World Flag page for details of that initiative and how you can also be a part of, and contribute to, the World Flag events.

A little background on the World Flag:
2011, World Flag at Suza, Takayama, Japan

In 2004, with a desire to foster greater harmony, Davson designed a World Flag.

Since 2005, one of the two original prototypes has been in the care of the Hikaru Memorial Museum collection in Takayama, Japan.  It accompanies her 1996 oil painting, With Gratitude Comes Growth, and documentation on her work for peace and environmental initiatives.

Davson's World Flag is an expression of love and unity.  Most flags congregate us into various groups.  Even the United Nations flag does not include all countries.   Davson designed this flag for all who inhabit our Earth.

The design is deliberately simple and geometric for easy reproduction under numerous circumstances. A child with crayons can draw it.

Please see the World Flag page for more details and an understanding of the pattern and colours used.

Benji Pat and Sharon
        Gold Coast Benji, Pat Farmer
                 and Sharon Davson

For a small contribution Your Name could be on the large, historic World Flag that is going to the Middle East, with the autographed ‘paws’ of Davson, Farmer and Gold Coast Benji and the names of supporters emblazoned upon it.

Please also open the World Flag page on this website for greater details.

Farmer's Peace Run - 1,350 kilometres - Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel.

The large World Flag will feature in Davson's ~ Connecting Friends (Art With Influence) exhibition tour of the Middle East.

The art will be exhibited in several Middle Eastern countries. It is the art in this exhibition that is helping these multi-nation events to happen and the art that adds further depth and dimension to the cultural exchange opportunities for all concerned.  

Gold coast Benji
Gold Coast Benji & World Flag

Film crews will be the art and its exhibitions, as well as following Farmer's run and Davson's World Flag events.  These include Gold Coast Benji visiting the Middle East to spread his 'unconditional love'.  Davson's art exhibits will continue after the run completes, thus strengthening cultural ties among peoples for many backgrounds.  

This art is inspirational, and introduces an understanding in the Middle East that artists around the world are uniting to create art with 'soul', and an essence of being bathed in the light of universal creation.  

These artists, through Davson's creative leadership, are uniting by heart rather than style and are finding strength through her work. 

On The Ark Of Salvation
                    On the Ark of Salvation
              1997-1999 - oil paint on canvas
                    1.22 m high x 1.55 m wide
They are progressively becoming known as Arkists or Artists of the Ark in many parts of the world.  Each art piece created, a humble part to the united desire of building of a 'vessel' of hope. 

For Pat Farmer, the purpose of his run is to unite all people through his footsteps, regardless of borders. 

This run is purely symbolic of unity through sport. 

Since very young, Sharon Davson has substantiated her passion for emphasizing the commonalities among all people with whom we share our Earth with action.  Among these actions, Davson founded world harmony and endangered species charitable initiatives.

Sharon And Farmer
                Davson and Farmer in Sydney.

For these international events toward greater friendships through sport and art, the art works selected for exhibition in the Middle East include paintings that have specific relevance to the artist's association with the athlete.

Davson is also creating a small group of paintings, the Connecting Friends series.

Each of these 8 Connecting Friends paintings 
have an original autographed hand and footprint by
Pat Farmer incorporated into the themed imagery. Davson painted his hand and foot prints in Sydney
in the lead-up to his Peace Run.

For Davson, friendship, caring and hope include the everyday: the words and actions that demonstrate love, kindness and respect for all; including in sport and the arts.

All Davson's paintings in the Connecting Friends cultural exchange are available for acquisition by collectors or institutions.

Sharon Davson has a solid  three decade professional and international art career to her credit; and she is Australia's highest valued living artist. 

Her art had been purchased by investor / collectors for many years, and  hundreds of leaders in entertainment and sport have participated with her creative projects.

There are several paintings available in the Davson ~ Connecting Friends (Art With Influence) collection.  Funds from the sale of these art works are contributing to:

Is this farewell
                         Is This Farewell?
          1997 - 2006 oil painting on canvas
                 91cms high x 1.22 m wide
the Middle East World Flag launch success,
Pat Farmer's run the Middle East with his support team,
the costs of the two film crews documenting the events,
the costs of touring the art exhibition with its freight, logistics and staffing,
and the building of arts, peace and Earth centres in Australia and elsewhere.

Some of the benefits of acquiring such works of art include: -

~~ participating in, and being acknowledged with, these international sporting and cultural endeavours, - Pat Farmer's Peace Run; the launch of the World Flag in several countries and Davson's ~ Connecting Friends (Art With Influence) on exhibition;

Sharon painting feet
             Connecting Friends - first steps
~~ being among the first collector / investors to know of and own a rare and quality investment work of art at its pre-international tour value and benefit from that position,
~~ having your painting featured in more than one documentary film,
~~ opportunities to be interviewed, should you be willing, for film or television footage relating to these events, 
~~ invitations to events associated with your painting, 
~~ having your painting shown in multiple quality international venues with acknowledgements to you for your acquisition support towards these unique cultural exchange events,
~~ having your painting included in television and other footage, on line imagery, and published in books,
~~ and other benefits, all of which will add value to your painting's provenance.

Pat looking chuffed
Connecting Friends - underway!


   Please contact Davson Art for details.

   email:  . . .

   mobile: +61 . (0)416 026 426


In a world that abounds in art forgeries, it is very refreshing for collectors to know that every painting by Davson has been documented.  This is very rare in high end art circles.

If the painting is not appropriately recorded in her career inventory, (which numbers less than 100 paintings), then it is immediately discredited, including the easily identified Oriental copies.

The somewhat over-abundance of art by numerous other high valued artists, frequently means that collectors and institutions are acquiring paintings on which the artist did not paint or are fakes.

Should you be a business leader, collector or investor wanting to expand your investments for your family, your superannuation future, and have a place in cultural history, you may desire to consider her art.


Or if you are an artist of a spiritual nature, please go to Artists of the Ark in the menu.

Davson Art and management are not licensed investment advisers; speak with your accountant on such matters.
However, Sharon Davson’s works of art are purchased by collectors and investors, many with investment in mind and self-managed superannuation funds. Deeds of Sale certificates are provided.










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