Arkists ~ artists of the ark

On 3 November 2011, in Takayama in Japan, a new international movement in art formalised. Known, as Artists of the Ark or Arkists for short.

The art of Australian artist Sharon Davson was its inspiration, with Tuula Faire from New Zealand and Robin Greatbatch from Singapore as founding member artists.

And Ark Culture is growing.

You are invited to join them. Simply send and email to to register your participation.

The invitation is open to ALL artists - from all cultures and backgrounds, religions and faiths, who use their creativity, in any media, to depict their belief in God and communicate in a positive and uplifting way ‘Divine Teachings'.

Ark Culture embraces all the arts:

Artists of the Ark and Performers of the Art, etc., so as to include all cultural pursuits; so when you contact us please let us know if you are a Visual Artist, Writer, Actor, Dancer, Musician, etc....

The Ark refers to being ‘on board with God, Divine Principles or Laws, on board with the Truth'.

Noah's Ark is not just a story of a flood, it is about a Divine Person responding to the voice of God. The Ark is also a symbol for being ‘on board with the Will of God'.

For thousands of years, people of the Jewish faith and heritage have referred to the Torah, Holy Scrolls and Books, as ‘the Ark' - and being on board with the word of God.

In Sukyo Mahikari, Suza, the Divine World Shrine in Takayama, is referred to as ‘the Ark for all humans for the coming spiritual age'.

This ‘art movement' is international and growing. Please join us and email to register your participation.

Progressively, we will create a website specifically for Artists of the Ark. However, for now we will be adding names and links to this web-site.

At the forefront of the movement is Davson's painting, On the Ark of Salvation. In 2011, this painting sold for $1.3 million setting a new record sale price for a painting by a living Australian artist.

This is the first time since the Renaissance that a spiritual painting was the highest valued painting by a living artist in any country. It marks a definite change in perceptions, and ushers in a new era for spiritual artists, as well as for women artists.

The highest sales price for living artists within a country is predominantly a male domain.

Davson, whose art is represented in the Hikaru Memorial Museum collection in Takayama in Hida Prefecture, Japan, and the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory collection in Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia, as well as many more prestigious collections, is currently the only female in the world in this position.

Davson has been painting her spiritual beliefs for many years, and since 1996 has visually represented "the Light of God" in her inspirational creations.

Artists of the Ark will be listed here shortly - (work in progress on this page).


Robyn Caughlan Blue Mountains NSW Australia
Sharon Davson Newcastle NSW Australia
Seng Hooi Lim Sydney NSW Australia
Grace Shanti Sydney NSW Australia
Shaynee Statham Abermain NSW Australia
David Wallace Sydney NSW Australia
Adrianne Wood Central Coast NSW Australia
Robin Greatbatch     Singapore
Tuula Faire Auckland North Island New Zealand
Davson World