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Davson with singing legend Neil Diamond
Davson with singing legend Neil Diamond

celebrities helping our Earth

Sharon Davson initiated the Hands Up project to assist endangered species awareness. She invited international singing legend Neil Diamond to launch the Hands Up project with her.

The launch was conducted as a national press event at the Regent Hotel in Sydney on 14 April 1992.

Since then, hundreds of charities across the world have copied Davson's idea for a diverse range of causes.

Davson has personally painted the hands of over 400 world leaders in their fields and celebrity dignitaries, keen to give their support to her creative endeavours helping our Earth. This activity involves a very simple form of art, with participants providing an autographed handprint using colourful paints.

The impressive list of celebrity participants includes:
Paul Newman, James Belushi, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Nigel Mansell, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Sam Neil, Dame Joan Sutherland, Bon Jovi and the late Sir Edmund Hillary.

Photographs from events where Davson assisted the creation of handprints by these fabulous people and other memorabilia, including some original autographed handprints, now form part of the Davson Arts Museum collection.

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Davson with Mario Andretti


highlighting those celebrity leaders who have participated from many countries, including the USA.
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Australia - Sport and Australia - Art
highlighting those celebrity leaders who have participated from Sharon's own country, Australia.
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Original, autographed handprints by some of these fabulous people, photographs from the events when they created their handprints with Sharon and other memorabilia, now form part of the Davson Arts Museum collection.

It is a great compliment to Sharon Davson, and the power of this initiative, just how many people from many countries have participated with her, and perhaps an even greater compliment, the number that have copied her concept to help a large variety of causes over the years.

Many of these were stimulated by Sharon’s activities in the USA, Germany, South Africa and other places.

During the 1990’s, Davson conducted Hands-up activities through the charity Artists For Life which she founded in 1990 to assist endangered species awareness.

Then in the early 2000’s, through the second charity she founded, 48 Hours Toward World Peace.

Now, Davson periodically continues the activity through the Davson Arts Museum or in conjunction with her other activities.

Internationally and in Australia, as well as prominent celebrities, thousands of adults and children have participated with Sharon and donated their handprints, as their personal visual commitment to greater caring and respect for all Earth’s inhabits.

when, who and where ...

Celebrity handprints with the Davson initiated Hands Up project

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1992 ~ 30 April
Australian entertainers James Blundell, Ray Martin and Geoff Harvey, backstage of the Midday Show set at the Channel 9 television studios in Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 15 May
American film star and acclaimed jazz vocalist, Eartha Kitt, in a café in Kings Cross, Sydney, NSW. Eartha Kitt later appeared on Ray Martin's Miday Show in a live television segment arranged by Davson for Artists For Life to create awareness for endangered species.

1992 ~ 27 June
American singer - songwriter, John Denver, after his concert in Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 7 July
British singer - songwriter Kim Wilde, in the Regent Hotel, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 12 July
Australian film and stage actors Sophie Lee, Melissa Tkautz, Toni Pearen, Scott McRae, Kristen Marlow, Benjamin Mitchell and pop band Girlfriend (Melanie Alexander, Siobhann Heindenreich, Jackie Cowell, Robyn Loau and Lorinsa Noble), at the Wonderland theme park, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 13 August
Australian singer Kamahl AO, at his home in Turramurra, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 13 August
American motivational speaker W Mitchell, in the Hyatt Hotel Kings Cross, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 3 September
Australians Internationally acclaimed Film Director and Producer Baz Luhrmann, awarded film and stage costume designer Catherine Martin, and film set designer set designer Bill Marron, in the Vogue Head Office, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 21 September
Australian World Number 1 tennis player John Newcombe, in his North Sydney office, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 21 September
Australian environmentalist John Dengate , at an Artists For Life Sydney Branch exhibition for endangered species awareness in the Platypus Gallery at a Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 22 September
Australian tennis great Tony Roche, at his home in Turramurra, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 10 October
Australian television news presenter Richard Morecroft, at an Artists For Life Sydney Branch exhibition for endangered species awareness in the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden, Ku-ring-gai National Park, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 6 November
New Zealand Mt Everest mountaineering legend Sir Edmund Hillary, with inspirational Australians Tim Macartney-Snape, Fred Hollows and Dick Smith, in the foyer of the Seymour Centre Theatre, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 8 November
Australian comedian Jeanne Little, in her home in Paddington, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 9 November
Australian jazz singer Kerrie Biddell, in her home in Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 9 November
Australian entertainers Jack Deagenkemp and Peter Moon, on the Tonight Live set at Channel 7 television studios in Melbourne, VIC.

1992 ~ 10 November
Australian entertainment industry leader Steve Vizard AO, on the Tonight Live set at Channel 7 television studios in Melbourne, VIC.

1992 ~ 15 November
Australian environmental musician Ken Davis, after an Artists For Life Sydney Branch concert for endangered species awareness in the Pact Theatre, Enmore, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 2 December
Australian television presenter Geraldine Doogue, in Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 28 December
American international star of 90210 television series Luke Perry, at the Channel 10 Television Studios, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW.

1992 ~ 30 December
Australian World Cup rugby union hero David Campese, in Sydney, NSW.


1993 ~ 5 January
International cricketing greats Richie Benaud, Greg Chappell, Ian Chappell, David Gower, Tony Greig, Michael Holding and Bill Lawry in the Commentary Box at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 26 January
Australian internationally performing singer - songwriter Renee Geyer, in a Sydney apartment.

1993 ~ 30 January
Australian arts industry leaders Win Davson MBE FTCL, Stephen Kelen and Sylvia Kelen. in the Artists For Life endangered species gallery and offices, York Street, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 23 February
British comedian Julian Clary host ofThe Julian Clary Show, in the InterContinental Hotel, Sydney NSW

1993 ~ 3 March
Australian film and theatre stars Tom Burlinson and Georgie Parker backstage in the Footbridge Theatre, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 12 March
Australian Governor General, Bill Hayden AC, in Government House, Yarralumla, Canberra, ACT.

1993 ~ 19 March
Internationally renowned race car champion drivers; Australians: Sir Jack Brabham, Gary Brabham, Bill Brown, Leo Geoghegan, John Goss, John Harvey; Americans: Eddie Cheever, Robby Gordon, Indy Racing Team Owner Dick Simon; and British F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell, at the FAI Indy Grand Prix, Surfer’s Paradise, QLD

1993 ~ 22 March
American Driver of the Quarter Century Mario Andretti and F1 Champion Alan Jones at the FAI Indy Grand Prix, Surfer’s Paradise, QLD

1993 ~ 1 April
Australian sportspeople including World Champion yachtsman Rob Brown, Aerobics champion Wendi Carroll, track athlete Darren Clark, Rugby Union Wallabies Captain Phil Kearns, Miss Australia Body Builder Barbara Kendall, Rugby League Captain Wayne Pearce, Rugby League player Paul Sironen and international Test cricketer Steve Waugh at the Cornelius Gallery, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 2 April
Welsh international singing legend Tom Jones at Jupiter’s Casino, Gold Coast, QLD.

1993 ~ 15 April
Australians nationally performing rock bands Rat Cat and Sound Unlimited, in Graham Ramsay’s photography studio, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 16 April
International group of Champion and World Champion surfers Americans Lisa Andersen, Derek Ho and Robert Young, Hawaiian Sunny Garcia, Australians Stuart Bedford – Brown, Pam Burridge, Matt Hoy and Barton Lynch and Tahitian Vetea David at the Northern Beaches Surf Class, Narrabeen, NSW.

1993 ~ 28 April
Australians NSW State Parliamentarian, Minister for the Education Virginia Chadwick, MP and NSW State Parliamentarian Minister for the Environment Chris Hartcher, MP in the NSW Parliament House, Sydney

1993 ~ 2 May
Australian nationally performing comedians Peter Berner and Steady Eddy at Castle Hill RSL Club, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 9 May
Irish internationally performing rock group Hot House Flowers, plus American singer and actor Gabriell ("Barbi") Andretti in the State Theatre, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 19 May
International IndyCar drivers Robby Gordon, French Stephan Gregoire and Sir Nigel Mansell at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 20 May
American IndyCar driver Robby Buhl at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 22 May
International IndyCar drivers Australian Geoff Brabham, Canadian Scott Goodyear, Brazilian Marco Greco and Nelson Piquet, IndyCar team owner American Carl Haas and President for the Blind in USA Marc Maurer at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 23 May
American IndyCar team owners Dick and Dianne Simon and international IndyCar drivers South African Steve Bitzos, Americans Scott Brayton and Dominic Dobson, Italian Teo Fabi, Dutch/American Arie Luyendyk and American Jimmy Vasser at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 25 May
American IndyCar drivers Jeff Andretti, Lyn St James and Al Unser Snr. at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 26 May
International group of IndyCar drivers Eddie Cheever, Italian Antonio Ferrari, American Davy Jones, American Parnelli Jones, Japanese Hiro Matsushita, American Danny Sullivan, Walker Evans, Belgian Didier Theys and Al Snr & Al Unser Jnr at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 27 May
International Indy Car drivers Americans Michael Andretti, Gary Bettenhausen, Tony Bettenhausen, Scottish Jim Crawford, European Christian Danner, Columbian/ American Roberto Guerrero and American Scott Pruett at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 28 May
Brazilian IndyCar champions Raul Boesel and Emerson Fittipaldi and American IndyCar driver Willy T Ribbs at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 29 May
American actors James Garner, Jim Nabors and Paul Newman, NASA space shuttle astronauts Frank Culbertson Jnr and G. David Low, racing car designer Alan Downing, American IndyCar drivers Kevin Cogan and Johnny Rutherford and Canadian IndyCar driver Paul Tracey at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 30 May
Americans vocals and guitar with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Stephen Stills and internationally acclaimed actor and singer Florence Henderson on the day of the Indy 500 race in the Newman Haas Racing team private box at the Indianapolis Speedway, Indianapolis, USA. American actor John Clark Gable, model and Miss Indiana Debra Ottenpain, film producer and director Phil Harris, Kentucky Derby winning jockey Micky Solomone, Australian IndyCar driver Gary Brabham, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Directors Kathi and M. Josephine George, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Chairman of the Board Mari Hulman George and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Director, President & CEO Tony Hulman George at the pre-race party at the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis, USA

1993 ~ 7 July
Canadian public speaker and international authority on the psychology of human performance Bob Proctor at the Regent Hotel in Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 3 August
Australian acclaimed opera singer Dame Joan Sutherland AO, in the David Jones Store, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 11 August
New Zealand internationally acclaimed singer Tim Finn, in an apartment in Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 12 August
Australians film, television and stage actors, plus media and allied industry professionals John Adam, Craig Beamer, Andrew Blackman, Tristan Bancks, Rebekah Elmaloglou, Eli Faen, Eden Gaha, Gavin Harrison and Laura Vazquez, John Howitt, Brent BonhugoAllisin Cowan, David StrongToby Creswell, Callum McLean, Paul Cussen, Carolyne Gowen, Shane McKenzie, Mark Morrfen, Kristen Marlow, Andy Paschalidis, Ian Peterson, Paul Philpott, Honie Rowley, Keith Sarson, Australian fashion designer Peter Morrisey, plus Louise Olsen, Andrew Olsen and Liane Rossler from the Australian fashion industry, Sydney Kings players Steve CarfinoMichael Wrublewski and 500cc World Champion Grand Prix Motor Cyclist Wayne Gardner at the Coca-Cola launch function for their Always campaign, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 17 August
Australian ironmen Trevor Hendy, Cory Hutchings, Grant Kenny, Sean Kenny, Guy Leech and Craig Riddington at Piccadilly Arcade, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 19 August
Australian and World Champion squash player Michelle Martin in the Channel 7 television studio, Melbourne, VIC

1993 ~ 20 August
Australian TV and radio presenter Bert Newton at the Channel 7 TV studios in Melbourne

1993 ~ 26 August
Australian grand matriarch of Australian film, television and theatre Colleen Clifford, at the Artists For Life luncheon, Inter.Continental Hotel, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 3 September
Australian writer and director Baz Luhrman, Australian film set designer Bill Marron and Australian film costume designer Catherine Martin from the film Strictly Ballroom at Vogue, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 6 September
Canadian super model Linda Evangelista and American star of the television series Twin Peaks Kyle MacLachlan, at the Sydney International Airport, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 14 September
American film actor and star of television series LA Law Harry Hamlin, New Zealander actor and star of the television series GP Judy McIntosh, and Australian director of film, music and arts management John Emery in Adelaide, SA

1993 ~ 20 September
Australian artist and internationally acknowledged painter Arthur Boyd at his property in Nowra, NSW

1993 ~ 21 September
Australian leaders Tim Macartney-Snape, and the Honourable Chris Hartcher MP, in the public city square of Martin Place, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 23 September
Sydney Kings basketball team players Australians James Carr, Tony de Ambrois, Greg Hubbard, Michael Kenny, Wayne Womack, Damian Keogh and Tim Morrisey and American Dean Uthoff and Dwayne McClain and Sydney Kings manager and coach Bob Turner at Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 25 September
Australian 1993 Wallaby Team for the Rugby Tour to France
David Campese, Scott Bowen, Michael Brial, Matthew Burke, Mark Catchpole, Ryan Constable, Greg Craig, Anthony Daly, Tim Gavin, Mark Hartill, Brian Hopley, Pat Howard, Tim Kava, Phil Kearns, Barry Lea, Bob Lewplet, Jason Little, Rod Mccall, Ewen Mckenzie, Garrick Morgan, Alistair Murdoch, David Nucifora, Cameron Osborne, Marty Roebuck, Peter Slattery, Illie Tabua, Warwick Waugh, David Wilson, Bob Dwyer, and John Breen, in Park Royal Hotel, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 29 September
Australian lawyer and internationally distinguished Captain of the "Wallabies" Rugby Union team Nick Farr-Jones in his legal chambers, Sydney NSW

1993 ~ October
Australians, internationally renowned musician with the band INXS, Tim Farriss and acclaimed rock singer Marcia Hines , in the Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ October
Australian internationally acclaimed rock singer Diesel (Mark Lizotte), in a radio station in Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 1 October
Australian comedian and actor Jane Kennedy at the 2WS Radio Station, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 7 October
Australian academic and Chancellor of Sydney University Dame Leonie Kramer in Sydney

1993 ~ 13 October
International surfing champions Layne Beachley, Tom Carroll, Bernard Farrelly, Pauline Menczer, Simon Anderson, Wayne Bartholomew, Pam Burridge, Damien Hardman, Shane Herring, Jodi Holmes, Richard Marsh, Shane Powell, Shaun Thomson and Mark Warren, as well as Australian model Yaeson Fletcher, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 14 October
Internationally performing American rock group Bon Jovi and British-born Australian rock singer John “Swanee” Swan in the Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney.

1993 ~ 19 October
Australian and internationally distinguished Captain of the Australian Rugby League team Wayne Pearce in Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 9 November
Australian cricketing great Ian Chappell , on the Sydney wharf for the Bounty sailing ship. This event was televised with 4 live grabs 7, 7.30, 8 and 8.30am for the Today Show as part of an Artists For Life endangered species event that also included a possum from Taronga Zoo, and at least 30 school children participating on the Bounty and in Hands Up activities

1993 ~ 10 November
Australian film, television and stage actors Peter Adams, Christine Amor, Ray Barrett, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Genevieve Lemon, Chris Betts, Rhett Walton and Miranda Otto at the Sydney Opera House Theatre, Sydney, NSW.

1993 ~ 23 November
New Zealander internationally acclaimed actor Sam Neill and Australian film and stage actors Eric Bana, Lorraine Bayly, Ryan Clark, Dominic Elmaloglou, Melissa George, Steven Jacobs, Garry McDonald, Julie McGregor, Romy Meerkin, Judy Nunn, Bruce Roberts, Denise Roberts, Bruce Samazan and Noah Taylor, television and radio presenters George Negus, Don Burke, Dr Harry Cooper, Trisha Goddard, Clive Hale, Melissa Hannan, Lyn Talbot, Angus Tattle, Tonia Todman and Peter Luck, Australian author Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, Deborah Curtis, athlete Jane Flemming, Lauchlan Forbes, Noelene Hogan, Craig Hurst, Mike Matthews, comedians Matt Parkinson, Alan Pentland and Glenn Robbins, director Adam Pinnock, DJ Jose Piscador, actress Pauline Roberts,“SOLO” magazine’s Lucy Walker, Mark Walker and David Wallace at the People’s Choice Awards Dinner, Regent Hotel, Sydney, NSW

1993 ~ 27 November
Australian film and stage actor Kimberly Davies, musicians and entertainers John Farnham, Kim Wilde, Jon Stevens, Sonia Dada, Andrew Strong, Mahalia Barnes, Nathan Cavaleri, Jeremy Jordan, Nick Barker, Matt Heydon, Michael Scott, The Bad Loves, The Sharp and the Tjapukai Dance Theatre at the Australian Music Awards at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, QLD

1993 ~ 30 December
Australians awarded actor, producer, author, playwrite and painter Win Davson, MBE and artist Sharon Davson and S Kellen at the SDS

1994 - 1995

1994 ~ 30 January
Australian nationally performing singer Angry Anderson for Creek Day at Blackmores Head Office and factory, Sydney, NSW

1994 ~ 21 March
F1 and IndyCar driver, Swedish motor sport champion Stephan Johansson at Gold Coast IndyCar 1994, Surfers Paradise, QLD

1994 ~ 1 June
Australians internationally acclaimed actors Rachael Ward, Josephine Byrnes, Chris Betts and Paula Duncan, internationally acclaimed script writer of films and plays David Williamson, acclaimed opera singer Jennifer McGregor, wife of former Prime Minister, Lady Sonia McMahon and television and radio presenters Kerri-Anne KennerlyDerryn Hinch, Russell Fairfax and Doug Mulray, NSW State Premier Bob Carr MP, model Deborah Hutton, celebrity agent Harry M Miller, Test cricketer and television presenter Mike Whitney and South African internationally acclaimed author Bryce Courtenay at the Odyssey House Benefit Dinner, Regent Hotel, Sydney, NSW.

1994 ~ 14 June
American founder & MD of AVEDA, leader in business and world peace Horst Reschelbacher at the Artists for Life charity Luncheon, Point Piper

1994 ~ 28 June
Australian MO Award recipient, musician Bobby Gebert,  American Sydney Kings players Mario Donaldson and Neil Turner, internationally acknowledged artist and designer Australian Jenny Kee, World Champion Freestyle Sky Diver Australian Carly Thomas at the Artists for Life Charity Night for endangered species awareness in the Hard Rock Café, Sydney

1994 ~ 3 October
Australian tennis star players Wally Masur, John Newcombe, Patrick Rafter, Jason Stoltenberg, Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde at the Davis Cup media session, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW

1994 ~ 16 November
Spanish tennis star Alberto Berasategui and Swedish tennis star Stephan Edberg at the ATP Championships in the Annabella Grand Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

1994 ~ 17 November
International tennis stars Spanish Sergi Bruguera, Croatian Goran Ivanisevic, Americans Pete Sampras, Michael Chang and Andre Agassi, German Michael Stitch at the ATP Championships in the Annabella Grand Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

1994 ~ 18 November
International tennis players German Boris Becker, South African/American Cliff Drysdale, Americans Tim Mayotte, Tim and Tom Gullikson, and Australian Fred Stolle at the ATP Championships in the Annabella Grand Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

1994 ~ 19 November
Indian/American tennis player Vijay Amritraj at the ATP Championships in the Annabella Grand Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

1995 ~ 19 May
American internationally acclaimed film star James Belushi, Australians film, television and stage actors Andrew Williams, Isla Fisher, Paul Mercurio, Kimberley Joseph and Ingo Rademacher, actor and presenter Kate Fischer, television and radio presenters Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris, rugby league player and former Balmain captain Ben Elias, businessman Greg Ell, actor and boxer Gus Mercurio and fashion designer Ben Weiss at the Galaxy launch, Sydney, NSW.

1995 ~ 3 November
Australian internationally performing singer, entertainer and artist Rolf Harris AM OBE in the York Apartments, Sydney, NSW.

1995 ~ 15 December
American internationally acclaimed singer, pianist and composer Neil Sedaka in the Hilton Hotel, Sydney, NSW.

1995 ~ 28 November
Pakistani cricketers Wasim Akram, Intikhab Alam, Aquib Javed, Waqar Younis at the home of the Cultural Attache with the Pakistan Consulate in Sydney.

1996 - 1999

1996 ~ 8 January
Australian tennis player John Alexander in John’s office, Sydney, NSW

1996 ~ 7 May
Australian comedian Austen Tayshus and New Zealander singer Grant Chilcott in the office of Artists For Life, Sydney

2000 onwards

Internationally famous Australian rock band INXS

2000 ~ 16 August
Australian singer, songwriter and musician Slim Dusty AM OBE in the Mayfield Ex-Services Club, Newcastle, NSW.

2000 ~ September
Australian internationally performing singer Toni Lamond in her Darling Point apartment, Sydney, NSW.

2000 ~ October
African international singer and dancer with Afro Moses Moses O’Jah in the ABC Radio station, Newcastle, NSW.

2000 ~ 22 October
Australian internationally performing singer Helen Reddy in a Darling Point apartment, Sydney, NSW.

2000 ~ 28 October
Australian, internationally performing country singer Keith Urban at the Newcastle Workers Club, Newcastle

2000 ~ 30 October
Australian Captain of the Newcastle Knights Paul Harrigan in his Junction office, Newcastle, NSW.

2000 ~ 8 November
American singer, songwriter and musician, the voice of Dr. Hook, Dennis Locorriere in Club Nova, Newcastle, NSW.

2000 ~ 19 November
Australian singer and musician James Reyne

2000 ~ 26 November
Australian country singers Adam Brand, Tamara Stewart, Gina Jefferies, Lee Kernaghan, Lyn Bowtel, and Australian entertainer, broadcaster and author Jim Haynes

2000 ~ 27 November
Australian community leaders Lord Mayor John Tate and Alicia Jenkins

2000 ~ 29 November
Australian model and actor Sarah O’Hare

2000 ~ 1 December
Australian and world famous rock band Silverchair

2001 ~ 27 July
Australian World Champion Surfer Mark Richards at Surfest, Mereweather Beach, Newcastle, NSW.

2001 ~ 30 November
Australian musician Ron Creager

2002 ~ 21 March
Australian spiritual spokesperson and author Dr Andris Tebecis and Japanese spiritual author Yoichi Toyoda

2002 ~ 14 May
Australian environmentalist and organiser of Clean Up Australia campaign and Clean Up the World operation Ian Kiernan

2002 ~ 20 May
Australian World Record Distance Runner Pat Farmer

2002 ~ 4 October
American musician Gene Pitney

Australian swimming World Champion and Commonwealth Games gold medal winner Tracy Wickham MBE, OAM at her home in Brisbane

2003 ~ 12 February
American musician John Mayall

2003 ~ 13 February
British world acclaimed singer Sir Cliff Richard OBE, at the Australian Institute of Sport arena in Canberra. He also became a Patron of Davson's creative and charitable endeavours towards world peace and environmental initiatives, including the Davson ~ World Leaders art exhibition series and Davson’s 48 Hours To World Peace charity.

2003 ~ 5 April
Surfing world champions Americans Kelly Slater and Lisa Andersen and Australian Layne Beachley, at Noah’s On The Beach Hotel in Newcastle, NSW, during the Surfest carnival.

2003 ~ 6 April
World Number 1 surfing champion, American Lisa Anderson

2003 ~ 28 April
Internationally famous singer and actor Australian Olivia Newton-John

2006 ~ 21 March
Australian World Champion Surfer Mark Richards at Mark Richards’ Surf Shop, Newcastle, NSW.
















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