Australians in entertainment and arts ...

inspirational and entertainment celebrities who have created handprints with Davson

Immediately after the launch of Sharon Davson’s Hands Up initiative, Australian entertainment, sporting and dignitaries began having their hands painted by Sharon to raise awareness for endangered species our Earth and its inhabitants.

Photographs from the events when Davson assisted the creation of handprints by these fabulous people and other memorabilia, including some original autographed handprints by them, now form part of the Davson Arts Museum collection.

Australian celebrity achievers include:
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Music & Singing
Dame Joan Sutherland AM . .

Internationally acclaimed Opera Diva, 1991 awarded Member of the Order 1 SD of Merit, 1979 awarded Dame of the British Empire, 1975 awarded Companion of the Order of Australia, 1961 Australian of the Year
Lyn Bowtell

Accomplished country singer/songwriter, 2004 & 2005 Golden Guitar winner with trio Bella, 1997 Toyota Star Maker winner
Adam Brand

Awarded international country music singer with seven studio albums and thirteen singles
James Blundell Awarded singer, song writer, first Australian country act to sign a major label recording deal in Nashville
Kamahl AO

Internationally acclaimed singer and recording artist, 2004 Australian Centenary Medal by Queen Elizabeth II, 1998 Australian Father Of The Year award, 1994 Member of the Order of Australia
Tim Farriss

Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, member of the rock band INXS
John Farnham

Internationally acclaimed singer, 1982 - 1985 lead singer of Little River Band, solo career spanning over 40 years, only Australian artist to have a number one record in five consecutive decades
Renee Geyer

Jazz, soul and R&B singer, sought-after backing vocalist internationally, author
Rolf Harris CBE AM Internationall performing singer, entertainer and artist, several television presenting roles
Diesel - Mark Lizotte Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and international albumn producer
Melissa Tkautz Actress, singer, songwriter and model
Jennifer McGregor International opera singer
Marcia Hines

Internationall acclaimed vocalist, actress and TV personality, 1975 - 1979 No1 Female Recording Artist plus many other No1's
Jon Stevens

Lead singer of Noiseworks, played Judas in two Australian productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, 2000–2004 fronted INXS, wrote the official song for the Sydney 2000 Olympics Torch Relay
Kerrie Biddell Singer
The Badloves Rock band, originally known as DC3
Angry Anderson

Rock singer, television presenter/reporter and actor, vocalist with Rose Tattoo since 1976, 1993, made a Member of the Order of Australia for his role as a youth advocate
Nathan Cavaleri Guitarist, songwriter and arranger, was trained by, and at age thirteen, toured with B.B. King
Michael Scott Singer
Bobby Gebert Singer
Nick Barker

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and actor, 1988 formed pop band Nick Barker & the Reptiles, 1993 formed Barker, 1995 commenced solo career
Matt Heydon Singer
Mahalia Barnes Singer
Ken Davis Singer
The Sharp Singer
Sounds Unlimited Singer
Girlfriend & Rat Cat Singer
Film & Stage
Eric Bana International film actor, television actor and comedic actor and writer
Baz Luhrmann Internationally acclaimed film director, screenwriter, and producer
Catherine Martin

Costume designer, production designer, set designer, and film producer, 2001 two Academy Awards (Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design), 2003 Tony Award (Best Scenic Design of a Musical)
Paul Mercurio Film actor, TV actor, dancer, dance teacher, TV presenter, international choreographer and movement consultant
David Williamson Internationally awarded playwright
Tom Burlinson Internationally acclaimed actor in film, theatre and TV roles, accomplished live and film singer
Miranda Otto Internationally acclaimed film, theatre and television actress
Rachel Ward

2005 made a Member of the Order of Australia, internationally acclaimed film and television actress, advocate for the rights of disadvantaged and at-risk young people
Judy McIntosh Award winning actor with international credits, directing skills, and experience in thatre, TV and film
Andrew Williams International television actor, also a singer and model
Peter Adams Film & Stage Star
Christine Amor Extensive career in television guest roles and Australian film
Tristan Bancks Film, television and stage actor
Ray Barrett

Film, TV and stage actor, with extensive careers in both Australia nad Britian
Craig Beamer Internationall acclaimed stage film, radio, and television actor, voice-over artist
Andrew Blackman Film, television and stage actor, with an extensive career spanning several decades
Josephine Byrnes

1992 Logie (Most Popular Actress in a Miniseries/Telemovie for "Brides of Christ"), 1992 Silver Logie (Most Outstanding Actress for "Brides of Christ")also film and stage roles
Ryan Clark International film actor, TV actor since age 8, lifeguard
Colleen Clifford Musician, stage, film and television actor, with a career spanning nearly seven decades
Lorraine Bayly 2001 awarded the Member of the Order of Australia, television career spanning four decades
Isla Fisher

Film, television and stage actor, with roles in both Australia and Britian
Eden Gaha Television and radio presenter, star of several stage shows
Kimberly Davies Film, television and stage actor, and several US television roles
Paula Duncan

1980 Silver Logie (Most Popular Lead Actress in a Series for "Cop Shop"), 1981 Silver Logie (Most Popular Actress for "Cop Shop") also writer and producer,
Dominic Elmaloglou Television actor
Rebekah Elmaloglou Film, television and stage actor
Melissa George Film and television actress with careers in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States
Penne Hackforth-Jones Film, stage and television actor, writer

Gavin Harrison International film, television and stage actor
Steven Jacobs Television presenter and actor
Genevieve Lemon 2008 Helpmann Award for Best Actress in a Musical (Billy Elliot the Musical), also film and television actor
Kimberly Joseph Film & Stage Star
Sophie Lee Film, stage and television actor and author
Kristen Marlow Film & Stage Star
Scott McCrae Television, film and theatre actor, radio announcer and character voice artist, television host and producer
Toni Pearen

Actor, singer, songwriter and TV presenter, a number of ARIA certified gold singles
Garry McDonald AO

2003 awarded Officer of the Order of Australia, 1976 Logie New Talent ("The Norman Gunston Show"), 1976 Gold Logie ("The Norman Gunston Show"), 1994 Logie Most Outstanding Actor ("Mother and Son"), 1997 Logie Hall of Fame, also extensive stage career
Julie McGregor Television actor and producer
Benjamin Mitchell Film & Stage Star
Judy Nunn Television, radio and theatre actor (Australia and Britain), author
Georgie Parker

2001 & 2002 Gold Logie Most Popular Personality on Australian Television, 2001 Logie Most Popular Actress ("All Saints"), 1991, 1992 & 1993 Logie Most Popular Actress ("A Country Practice"), 1990 Logie Most Popular New Talent ("A Country Practice"), several theatre roles
Ingo Rademacher Extensive television career in the US
Eli Faen Film & Stage Star
Denise Roberts Film, television, theatre and radio actor, producer, director and writer
Chris Betts Film & Stage Star
Bill Marron Film & Stage Star
Bruce Roberts Film & Stage Star
Noah Taylor

Internationally acclaimed film, television and stage actor and musician
Laura Vazquez Accomplished television actor
Television and Radio
Ray Martin 1987, 1993, 1994, 1995 Gold Logies, host of "A Current Affair", hosted "Midday Show With Ray Martin", repotrter with "60 Minutes", and US correspondent for the ABC
Geoff Harvey Music director for "Midday Show With Ray Martin" and many other shows
Kerri-Anne Kennerly Television and radio presenter ("The Midday Show", "Everybody In", "Good Morning Australia", "Mornings With Kerri-Anne"), US career as actor, model and singer
Bert Newton Television and radio presenter ("Good Morning Australia", "The Don Lane Show", "New Faces", "Tonight With Bert Newton"), 13 Logie awards including 4 Gold Logies
Don Burke Television and radio presenter, "Burkes Backyard"
George Negus Television and radio presneter ("60 Minutes", "Foreign Correspondent", "SBS Dateline", "This Day Tonight", "A Current Affair")
Peter Luck Television and radio writer, producer and presenter ("This Fabulous Century", "The Australians", "Sunday", "Today Tonight")
Derryn Hinch Television and radio host/presenter ("Hinch", "Willessee"), newspaper editor
Steve Vizard Television and radio presenter ("Tonight Live"), Executive Producer ("Fast Forward" and others)
Dr Harry Cooper Television and radio presenter ("Talk To The Animals", "Harry's Practice")
Richard Moorecroft TV Presenter
John Dengate Environmental spokesperson
Geraldine Doogue Television and radio presenter ("Nationwide" and 2BL), United Nations Associate Media Peace Prize recipient, multiple Penguin Awards
Russell Fairfax Television and Radio Presenter
Andrew Paschalidis FOX Sorts Soccer Presenter
Trisha Goddard Television and radio presenter
Lyn Talbot Television documentary and radio presenter ("A Taste of India With Iain Hewitson and Lyn Talbot")
Melissa Hannan Model, television and radio presenter, co-host "Out Of This World"
Kayley Harris Television and radio presenter
Doug Mulray Television and radio presenter, own late night TV show
Tonia Todman Television and radio presenter ("Healthy, Wealthy and Wise", "Better Homes and Gardens")
Clive Hale Television and radio presenter
Nick Bennet Television and radio presenter
Jeanne Little 1976 Gold Logie, 1975 & 1976 Logies Most Popular Personality, mationally performing stage and screen comedian
Steady Eddy Nationally performing stage and screen comedian
Austen Tayshus Nationally performing stage and screen comedian
Jane Kennedy Nationally performing comedian, television and movie roles
Peter Moon Comedy writer for stage and television, natioanlly performing cemedian
Matt Parkinson Nationally performing comedian
Alan Pentland Nationally performing comedian
Glenn Robbins Nationally performing comedian, several TV roles
Arts and Fashion
Bryce Courtenay Internationally acclaimed author with extensive list of Best Sellers
Arthur Boyd AC, OBE Internationally acclaimed artist, solo exhiibitions in England, Scotland, Italy, the USA, Japan, Indonesia, and most cities of Australia
Tjapukai Dance Theatre Nationally performing dance group
Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton Author with a place in Australia's social history
Jenny Kee Successful artist and designer
Win Davson MBE FTCL Distinguished 50 year career in theatre and arts as actor, producer, director, author, playwright, and award winning artist, founded two amateur theatres and two public art galleries
Susie & Stephen Kelen Authors and poets (Stephen also has 5 World Champion Gold Medals for table tennis)
Deborah Hutton High profile model, face of Grace Bros
Kate Fischer High profile model, actor (film and television) and presenter
Yaeson Fletcher Model
Peter Morrisey Fashion designer
Louise Olsen With Liane Rossler, "Dinosaur Designs" jewellery
Liane Rossler With Louise Olsen, "Dinosaur Designs" jewellery
Dignitaries and Inspirational
The Hon Bill Hayden AC Former Governor General, long political career, author
Professor Fred Hollows 1991 Australian of the Year, distinguished eye surgeon
Ian Kiernan AO Founder and Chairman of Clean-up Australia and Clean-Up the World
Bob Carr 1995 to 2005 New South Wales State Premier
Dame Leonie Kramer Chancellor of Sydney University, distinguished academic and corporate portfolio
Paul Simons AC Chairman of Woolworths, distinguished corporate leader
Lady Sonia McMahon Prominent Charity Promoter, wife of former Prime Minister, leading charity worker
The Hon Chris Hartcher MP NSW State Parlimentarian, former Minister for the Environment
The Hon Virginia Chadwick MP NSW State Parlimentarian, former Minister for Education
Media Professionals
Harry M. Miller  
Romy Meerkin  
Bruce Samazan  
Paul Cussen  
Noelene Hogan . .  
Keith Sarson  
Jack Deagenkemp  
Kristen Marlow  
Honie Rowley . .  
Ian Peterson  
Paul Philpott  
John Howitt . .  
John Emery  
Callum Mclean  
Alison Cowan . .  
David Strong  
Toby Creswell  
Caroline Gowen . .  
Shane Mckenzie  
Mark Moffer
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