Reflection Luncheon
- following the Parliament of the World's Religions

Held in the Davson Arts Museum in Newcastle on 20 February 2010, this highly successful event was held in conjunction with the Multi-faith Association of Newcastle & the Hunter Region.

Pictured from left to right and in the back row - Tom Jones, John Hegarty, Terrence Quinn, John O'Neill; front row - Greg Heathcote, Coleen Hegarty, Sister Tess Connerly and Sharon.

Please see the News page for another photograph from the luncheon.


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Davson World launch give-away

Give-away winner, Sharlotte Ventor with  her prize painting and Sharon. photo by David Wallace
Give-away winner, Sharlotte Ventor with
her prize painting and Sharon. photo by David Wallace
2009, with the give-away promotion of a Winning Combination, a painting by Sharon Davson which included an original autographed handpeint by World Formula One Champion, Sir Jack Brabham.

fabulous GIVE-AWAY for the environment

delivery sponsored by Interforwarding International
unveiled 5 June - closing 26 July 2009

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We need your help to raise funds for these valuable organisations:

WIRES - NSW Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service,
Nature Conservation Council of NSW,
National Parks Association of NSW,
Davson Arts Museum peace & environment centre
and other worthy not-for-profit organisations.

So we are GIVING AWAY a valuable painting by interantionally successful Austrlaian artist Sharon Davson. The painting titled,
Helping Our Earth To Win, includes original and unique
Sir Jack Brabham - Formula One World Champion memorabilia.

We believe this is the FIRST environmental promotion of its type.
With your help, it will raise much needed funds for very worthy organisations,
and help us to help them to help our Earth.

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This valuable GIVE-AWAY opportunity closes on 26th July 2009 in the lead-up to National Tree Day.

The winner will be officially announced and will be posted on all websites
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Visit Benefitting Organisations on this site or our websites for details of our major activities.

Valuable Notes...

For much of her life, Davson has dedicated time and resources to assisting world peace and environmental causes, especially endangered species, and those disadvantaged in our societies. Her art reflects these passions, and has been the vehicle by which she has inspired many others.

Since 1999, her art has primarily been exhibited in retrospective exhibitions in public regional art galleries. Thus far, sixteen regional art galleries across Australia, have exhibited collections of her art with works being borrowed from the Northern Territory Art Gallery & Museum, Cathay Pacific Airways, James Fairfax AO and many others.

Her art is represented in over 40 public art gallery, city or university collections; and over 60 corporate collections in Australia, the USA, Japan and New Zealand.

Sharon Davson is an inspirational artist, writer, art consultant, fashion designer and moving keynote speaker whose desire in life is to experience and share true gratitude for all in creation. For charitable groups she is a tireless worker, fundraiser and donor, an advocate for peace, our Earth and its disadvantaged.

In recent years, so valued has her work become, that much of Davson's art has sold to investors and superannuation funds.

Please refer to the Davson Biography section on this Website for more information
about Davson's art and life.

Sir Jack Brabham is a Patron of Sharon Davson's creative and charitable ventures. His original autographed handprint is unique and valuable.

Sir Jack Brabham is a Formula One Grand Prix Racing Legend whose name is synonymous with Grand Prix motor racing.

Sir Jack Brabham was the first driver in history to be knighted for his services to motorsport, and he remains one of racing's most popular personalities.

The triple World Champion is the ONLY Formula One driver to have won a world title
in a car of his own construction - the BT19 - which he drove to victory in 1966.

The following year, the Brabham team won its second successive world championship when New Zealander Denny Hulme drove the BT20 to victory.

In brief:

Our Earth needs your help.
These incredible and mostly volunteer organisations need your help.

To help us
To help our Earth

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Environment Day Give-Away draw registered NSW Permit Number: LTPS/09/04909
closes 26 July 2009
Davson World