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    World Flag

You are invited to exhibit . . .               in an amazing Cultural Exchange with artists from across the world.

This exchange crosses various artistic and other disciplines and endorses a World Flag for all inhabitants of our Earth.

You could be an honoured participant in Connecting Friends exhibitions and events in 2015 and beyond.

Selected paintings were shown in private viewings in Beijing and Shanghai in the Republic of China in December 2014.   In May 2014, Connecting Friends debuted in the Middle East in Israel.

For your enjoyment and investment pleasures, download Art Available in Davson's Connecting Friends series below

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with prime minister Tony Abbott
          with Australian Prime Minister,
         the Honourable Tony Abbott

An exhibition preview with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, was shown in the House of Representatives Alcove, Parliament House, Canberra on 23 April 2014.  The Prime Minister was also presented with a World Flag by Davson, its designer.   Thus the Pat Farmer Middle East peace run was launched, set against    a backdrop of Davson's art.  

Davson and art departed for the Middle East shortly afterwards.

The Davson ~ Connecting Friends art exhibition will progressivley be shown in several countries.  
It is being led by a World Flag symbol for harmony designed by Sharon Davson who travels with the exhibition.   A very special 2.5 metre hand-made World Flag endorsed with the names of supporters is displayed.

These exhibitions include a ‘virtual’ art exhibition showcasing artists from across the world, as well as real and 'virtual' Davson masterworks.  

Pat farmer World flag sticker
       Davson's art and World Flag blended

A documentary is to be filmed with Davson ~ Connecting Friends cultural exchange and World Flag events.

All artists who create visually uplifting, or spiritually inspiring art that has a message of hope and peace, in any medium are invited to participate.  

Yes, artists from all regions of the globe are invited to take part in this cultural exchange.

Participation contributions vary depending on the numbers of works of art to be included.  Your contribution assists in the preparations as well as benefit charitable initiatives in the countries of the exhibitions.

  <i>Turning Point</i><br/> 2001 - oil paint on linen canvas<br/>  92 cm high x 1.02 cm wide  commissioned by Pat Farmer
   Turning Point
    2001 - oil paint on linen canvas
    92 cm high x 1.02 cm wide

It is hoped that these real and ‘virtual’ art exhibitions will inspire and support friendships and cooperation in many and diverse communities.  

Many of the participating artists are part of a spiritual art movement known as Arkism, focussed on creating art that uplifts and inspires joy and with a strong spiritual focus.  The movement has been growing as a response to Davson's work, so in 2011 she became its acknowledged leader.

Participating contributions, as in other aspects of the World Flag ventures, will financially assist charities in the countries in which the art is shown, as well as assist toward some production costs.

Peace Run Logo
The logo colours are
from the World Flag

The first phase of Davson ~ Connecting Friends under a World Flag coincided with Pat Farmer undertaking the Middle East Peace Run.  Davson the artist was a significant supporter of this endeavour; and the lead paintings contained elements of Pat Farmer's life story.

The Middle East contains beautiful landscapes that are rich in history and influence; the threads of which are woven into the fabric of cultures across the world.   With complex situations between the inhabitants, it is good to remember the simple fact that we are all human with the similar capacities for love, laughter and hope for a harmonous future.

There are many ways in which you can participate, and they are all rewarding.

Pole to pole tribulations
            2011-12 - oil paint on linen canvas
                  92 cm high x 1.02 cm wide

Just consider in which aspect of the project you would most desire to be honoured.  Opportunities progressivley unfold with the Davson ~ Connecting Friends cultural exchange and the World Flag.

All art by Davson in these exhibitions has been made available for sale.  Funds from sales will assist these cultural exchange exhibitions and events in different countries over time, charitable initiatives, and assist towards building permanent arts, peace and environment centres in Australia and elsewhere.

Please see the World Flag page for details of that initiative and how you can also be a part of, and contribute to, the World Flag events.

Gold coast benji 
     Gold Coast Benji

With a supporter's contribution, Your Name could be on the historic 2.5 metre World Flag with the autographed ‘paws’ of Davson, Farmer and Gold Coast Benji and the names of supporters.  Davson is progressively adding the names, and she can add yours!


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artists participating in exhibitions include:

This section is under construction - will be updated and expanded

Miriam Mehadipur Safed
Menachem Mehadipur Safed


Rhiannon Bonfield Colyton NSW Australia
Jack Caughlan Wentworth Falls NSW Australia
Robyn Caughlan Colyton NSW Australia
Vicki Caughlan Wentworth Falls NSW Australia 
Jasmine Dixon Lake Macquarie NSW Australia
Grace-Shanti Foulds Blue Mountains NSW  Australia
Marlene Jones Springwood NSW Australia
Rosemary Lemesurier Wimmalee NSW Australia
Erika Major Emu Plains NSW Australia
Jade Major Wimmalee NSW  Australia
Norma Markovski Sydney NSW Australia
Holly Millers Surfers Paradise QLD Australai  
Marlene Millers Sydney NSW Australia
Fonda Shae Gunnedah NSW Australia
Pamela Vincent Port Kembla NSW Australia
Ed Walker Katoomba NSW Australia 
Beverley Webster Lawson NSW Australia




World Flag
     World Flag
Peace Run Logo
The logo colours are
from the World Flag
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