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Sharon Davson ADFA DipT - an overview

Sharon Davson's inspirational contribution to art, peace, the environment and the well-being of others spans over three decades and touches many walks of life.

with Reflections in the Northern Territory Art Gallery & Museum, Darwin NT
with Reflections in the Northern Territory
 Art Gallery & Museum, Darwin NT
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Her innovative actions expanded when, in 2010, Davson became the FIRST artist to sponsor an international sporting event.

A year later, Pat Farmer's Pole to Pole run commenced.  From March 2011 to February 2012 he ran 21,000 kilometres from the North Pole down the west coast of the Americas, through 14 countries to the South Pole.

Now, Davson is supporting his peace run venture in the Middle East in may 2014.

Such affiliations with benevolent actions and perspectives are an integral part of Davson’s nature. Immersing herself in ways to benefit the world is virtually synonymous with Davson's artistic creativity.

By 1990, aged 36, her art was represented in over 40 public art gallery, city or university collections, including the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, and over 60 corporate collections in Australia, the USA, Japan and New Zealand.

Davson's first solo retrospective exhibition in 1990 was at the invitation of the Manning Regional Art Gallery in Taree, NSW. The exhibition titled Transitions featured the peacefully meditative painting Melting Transitions Rise (1987) and other key examples from 1973 to 1990.

Her second retrospective exhibition, With Gratitude For The Light featured 6 paintings from the With Gratitude series (1996), on loan from the Rooty Hill RSL Club & Resort. The show displayed a total of 63 significant pieces created between 1972 and 1999. This major retrospective was shown in 14 public regional art galleries from 1999 to 2002. Works were borrowed from Australian and New Zealand public, corporate and private collections.

At Gatton Shire Davson Art Gallery - from left former Councillor Gwen Crozier and former Mayor Bernie Sutton, Christine Young,Win Davson MBE and Sharon Davson with Sharon Davson's Points of View.
At Gatton Shire Davson Art Gallery - from left former
Councillor Gwen Crozier and former
Mayor Bernie Sutton, Christine Young,
Win Davson MBE and Sharon Davson with
Sharon Davson's Points of View

With Gratitude For The Light, was the opening exhibition for the new Gatton Shire Davson Art Gallery in 2000. Gatton is Davson’s birth town
and family home.

The Council chose to include the word Davson
in the name of the new gallery in recognition her achievements and the cultural contribution of her family to the Lockyer Valley District.

2008 - 2011, Davson’s third retrospective exhibition to be shown in public regional art galleries is currently touring. Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenment features the artist, painting a work-in-progress titled Creative World Leaders, which incorporates handprint contributions from artistic celebrities. This luxurious presentation collection showcases highlights in the artist’s career from 1973 to 2008.

Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenment was the opening exhibition for the new Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre in 2009. This was the second acknowledgement by Sharon's hometown of Gatton in Queensland honouring her work and achievements.

Another highlight showing of this exhibition, was when it was also the opening exhibition of the Davson Arts Museum peace and environment centre in Newcastle, New South Wales, in 2010.

Sharon Davson has been described as a Personal Globalist. She regularly takes positive action to improve conditions for others. Davson has actively participated in community organisations for most of her life. In 1990, she founded the charity Artists For Life to assist endangered species awareness. In 2000, she established the charity 48 Hours To World Peace.

with singing legend Neil Diamond
with singing legend Neil Diamond

Over 400 world-renowned cultural, entertainment or sporting leaders have supported her work. These include Sir Edmund Hillary, Neil Diamond, Paul Newman, Sir Cliff Richard, Dame Joan Sutherland, Sir Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti, Pete Sampras, Linda Evangelista, Pat Farmer MP, Layne Beachley, Cathy Freeman, Andre Agassi and Bon Jovi.

Since 1984, most of her creations have been pre-sold to local and international corporations and collectors. Major survey exhibitions in public galleries affirm the calibre of her art. This has echoed through investment portfolios where Davson’s work is frequently sought.

For Davson, one of her spiritually artistic highlights is the inclusion of her painting With Gratitude Comes Growth (1997) and her design for a world peace flag in the collection of the Hikaru Memorial Museum in Takayama, Japan.

Davson's work, life and benevolence have been an inspiration to many. She is an internationally successful and inspirational artist, writer, art consultant, fashion designer and keynote speaker. For charitable groups she is a tireless worker, fundraiser and donor.

Davson is a passionate advocate for peace, our Earth and those who are disadvantaged. She has found common ground with many of the world’s leaders and celebrities through her advocacy. Her initiatives have raised significant funds for numerous charities in Australia and overseas.

Her first solo exhibition in 1982 at Sydney’s Greenwich Frame Shop sold out.

Shortly after this, a one-hour documentary, 901 To Innaminka, was filmed about Sharon’s expedition through central South Australia. It recorded her interactions with remote communities, her experiences and the drawings it inspired during 1983.

with Appaloosa horse Sam outside her bus in 1981
with Appaloosa horse Sam outside her bus in 1981

In late 1980, she sold her property at Lowood and set out on a solo journey across much of Australia with her dog (Abby), horse (Sam) and motorbike in an old ex-government bus. It was through this apprenticeship that her professional freelance art career evolved.

Her journeys were funded entirely through her own efforts; from savings, sales of art and by selling advertising space on her bus. She also promoted some sponsor’s products and wrote magazine articles.

From 1976-1980, Sharon lived on an acreage at Lowood in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley. She taught art in high schools, the Queensland College of Art and at Adult Education Centres. She was continually involved in arts-based activities locally and further afield.

In 1975, she gained her Diploma of Teaching at the Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education.

From 1972-74, Sharon Davson studied Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane. She founded the College of Art Student Union, holding the position of President for two years. During this time, she also set-up and managed her first art gallery - the TAG Gallery in Toowong, Brisbane.

Whilst a student, Davson was already actively supporting environmental and heritage causes. Her advocacy persists.

In 1972, Davson gained a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, with specialty topics in Speech & Drama.

Sharon Davson was born in Gatton in 1954 to Win and Maurice Davson.

Sharon in centre with her mother Win and sister Christine Davson
Sharon in centre with her mother
Win and sister Christine Davson

She attended primary and high school there and participated in many community projects at school, with the local church and particularly the Mercury Theatre & Mercury Children's & Youth Theatre. Her mother Mrs Win Davson MBE FTCL AASA founded the Mercury Theatre and its affiliates which were a great influence on her daughter’s artistic career. It provided many of the foundations for Sharon’s life of arts and community participation.

From an early age Sharon took on dozens of theatrical roles, including some early television work and a concert tour of New Zealand. Since 2007, she has held the position of Honorary President of the Gatton Mercury Theatre and Mercury Children’s & Youth Theatre, Win Davson Art Gallery & Museum.


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