studios and galleries - some highlights

Davson’s studios and galleries have hosted dynamic exhibitions, ideas and projects which inspire visitors and help benefit as many causes as possible.

Davson Art Studio - Gallery Newcastle NSW

1997 to the present

Davson purchased a former public building in the Newcastle area, and began renovating in February 1997. The new premises provide ample space for the Davson Art studio, gallery and office complex. Renovations to date have created stunning results.

Her initiative and subsequent charity 48 Hours To World Peace operated from this studio from 2000 to 2008. The Davson Arts Museum was formed in 2009 and held its official opening function here in March 2010.

Significant art works created by Davson at this studio include: Good Directions Great Discoveries (1997) (commissioned by the RSL Club Nelson Bay); On The Ark Of Salvation (2000) (a rare personal piece regarded as her signature work) and the restoration of Is It Too Late (2009) (for the HH Meyers Superannuation Fund).

In-house exhibitions included: 11 Gratitude luncheon functions (2001-2007); the final showing of With Gratitude for the Light (2002); Davson - World Leaders & Enlightenment (2009); Davson - a long journey (2010) and Davson - toward harmony (2010-2011).

The gallery and facilities hosted: monthly Multi-faith Association meetings and affiliated activities for seven years; two Sukyo Mahikari Primary Courses; early meetings of the Newcastle Laughter Club; Hunter Chamber of Commerce and other business organisation functions.

Artists For Life Galleries / Studio Sydney NSW

1992 - 1996

The Artists For Life endangered species awareness charity founded in 1990 by Sharon Davson opened its first art gallery in Castlereagh Street (Cnr King St) in 1992.

Located in the shopping precinct of central Sydney, the premises were sponsored by Artists For Life President, Leon Kempler OAM. One of the many highlights for the Artists For Life charity here was the launch of a Gold Members Club, with support from Kamahl AO, Imelda Roche and Dame Leonie Kramer.

Several successful art exhibitions supporting endangered species were shown in this gallery.

In mid-1993, the organisation relocated to 49 York Street, Sydney. The premises were sponsored by Bruce Reid AO, (a long-term sponsor / client). Space for the Artists For Life Offices were on level 12 and an art studio / gallery on level 13 hosted regular monthly exhibitions, functions and events.

Significant art works created by Davson at this studio include: Together We Can (1995) (image commissioned by UNISYS); the With Gratitude series (1996) (14 paintings commissioned by the Rooty Hill RSL Club & Resort); and Time To Grow (1995) (for Town & Country Austwide).

Davson’s solo exhibition Time To Grow was shown here in 1995.

Davson Fine Art Studio & Gallery Richmond NSW

1988 - 1991

Davson enjoyed giving support to a variety of local community organisations. Her time spent in the Hawkesbury region was powerfully productive.

From January 1988, the Davson Fine Art Studios & Gallery operated in the Park Mall Commercial Centre, Richmond.

This studio / gallery maps out an extremely dynamic phase in Davson’s artistic career. She completed many of her well-known art commissions for Australian, American, Japanese and New Zealand clients. It was from her Richmond studio that she established her international reputation as an artist of merit.

Significant art works for local clients created by Davson in this studio include: the extravagant leadlight sculpture Munibung Bunyip Mines Winding Creek (1988) (for the Cardiff Workers Club near Newcastle); Sharing the Key (1991) - a stunning pair of acid-etched glass doors for the Richmond Ex-Servicemen’s Club; the oil painting Shelter Under The Sun (1991) and other works (for the Rooty Hill RSL Club).

Significant art works for international clients created by Davson include: Origins, Growth & Understanding (1991) a set of three oil paintings (commissioned by World Book International, Chicago, USA); Finding The Balance - Teeth, Claws, Tusks (1991) a set of three oil paintings (commissioned by Coro Corp Ltd, New Zealand); Gifts Of Trust (1989) (for Pyxis International, Japan).

Whilst operating from her Richmond Studio, Davson developed the concept for promoting awareness of the Earth’s endangered species, later forming the charity Artists For Life.

First Impressions Art Gallery & studios Sydney NSW

1985 - 1987

An artist who excels in visual creativity and also has the skills required to own and manage an art gallery and studio is a powerful combination.

Davson opened the First Impressions Gallery in Glebe, Sydney, in 1985.

Through her exhibition programme, Davson assisted up-and-coming artists including Wendy Sharpe to gain early career exhibitions.

The First Impressions Gallery hosted regular performance evenings of music, poetry, theatre and dance. Davson’s holistic approach to the arts brought vibrancy to the venue.

In 1986, the First Impressions Gallery relocated to larger premises in nearby Ultimo. This 500 square metre venue provided greater opportunities. There was a 200 square metre main gallery area, a second 80 square metre gallery and the rest of the floor space was subdivided into individual artist studios to assist as many young artists and performers as possible.

In this First Impressions Gallery, Davson mounted charity events with special exhibitions designed to raise awareness and funds for causes such as animal welfare. She was a member of Wires (wildlife rescue) and exhibited her own work in their fundraising art exhibitions at the Sydney Museum.

Significant art works created by Davson at this studio include: Forward With Pride (1985) (commissioned by the Goulburn & District Soldier’s Club); Progressive Understanding (1986) (for the Westfield Offices in William Street Sydney); A Question of Harmony (1986) (for Coro Corp Limited, New Zealand).

She sold the First Impressions Gallery as ‘a going concern’ in 1987.

Gertrude Street Spaces Fitzroy VIC


Just after moving to Townsville in Queensland, Davson gained her first major art commission in Melbourne, Victoria - over 3000km away!

She didn’t get a chance to unpack before flying to Melbourne where she created the 2m x 5m painting Adding Quality to Life, commissioned by the Trak Centre in Toorak. She hired a studio at the Gertrude Street Spaces in the Melbourne’s suburb of Fitzroy for five months, working alongside artists such as Judy Watson. This studio heralded the start of Davson having her own professional, formalised art studios and galleries.

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