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Davson's paintings are indeed rare commodoties.  She has created less than 100 paintings in her 30 year professional art career making them highly valued by collector / investors.

Here is an opportunity for you to acquire your very own Davson.  Contact the email below for more details about these or other paintings, original silk-screen prints, etchings and limited edition works of art available for investment and your enjoyment.

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On The Ark of Salvation

2010 … hand cut and woven limited edition prints with original drawing
image size: 67 cm x 75 cm
$3,800 . . . unframed

On The Ark of Salvation
2010 … edition print with small original drawing
image size: 67 cm x 75 cm
$2,400 . . . unframed

On The Ark of Salvation
1997-99 … oil painting on canvas
image size: 1.22 metres x 1.52 metres
offers considered by its owners over $1.6 m. . . framed

For the past decade, On The Ark Of Salvation has been considered as Davson's signature work. In 2011 it sold for $1.3 m.  It has found its way back to the market due to unforseen challenges now facing the collector. 

On The Ark Of Salvation is a vibrantly spiritual work of contemplation. It has a peaceful yet provocative influence, with subtle layers of messages. It encapsulates the artist’s resonance and passion for peace and harmony in a way that we hope will transcend the future eras of humankind.

The setting is the Newcastle Harbour with Nobby’s Headland in the background. The main imagery includes a koala, which appears to be at the helm of a floral ark being steered out into the world. Flowers are incredibly fragile, yet they possess the capacity to withstand wind and rain, develop the seeds for the next generation and feed countless others. The passenger is a Frilled Lizard. In the sky is a jigsaw puzzle map of the world with various pieces missing. The work is illuminated by Light from the God of All Creation radiating from the wing of a Rainbow Bee-eater.

The original painting of the same name is a major, high profile work of art gaining increasing Australian and international acclaim and was painted over two years, 1998 to 1999. In it Davson displays a mature command of her multi-layered style encompassing her global appeal and featuring her trademark jigsaw puzzle motif. A work such as On The Ark Of Salvation is created rarely in the life of an artist. It is undoubtedly destined to be one of her greatest paintings and the one by which all her other works will compare. It is a rare personal work.

Please note the imagery in this website banner and the image at the end of each page.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


Together We Can
2010 … hand cut and woven limited edition prints with original drawing
image size: 67 cm x 75 cm
$3,800 . . . unframed

the illustration is woven but without the drawing

Together We Can
2010 … edition print with small original drawing
image size: 67 cm x 75 cm
$2,400 . . . unframed

Together We Can was created by hand cutting and weaving two limited edition prints from the oil painting of the same title. Davson then completed the work with an original drawing.

The painting, from which this woven work is derived, marked a change of artistic direction for the artist. It is the first work indicating a major shift in her spiritual growth. It is about teamwork, with bees and ants representing those among us who are good team players.

The image is of a jig-saw puzzle map of the world being arranged by insects. It signifies that in order to put the world back together, we need to work, play and pray together. The painting includes other symbols used by the artist with various layers of meaning.

It is not just uniting as a team in the physical world, but also about uniting on a spiritual level. The artist believes that Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and other divinely inspired teachers with special relationships to God were all correct. There is God; the same God behind all religions. Therefore, in order to put the world back together we need to work with leaders and thinkers of diverse cultural and philosophic backgrounds, (the beetles and the butterflies). We do not all need to be the same. Our differences are our strengths when directed with love towards a common goal.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


Offering Gratitude Together
2003-07 ... oil painting on canvas
image size: 1.02 metres x 1.02 metres
quality 6 figure offers considered...framed

Offering Gratitude Together
is a tranquil painting depicting celebration, reflection and reverence.

This is the only square canvas the artist has created since leaving art college. It was deliberately selected by the artist to emphasise the harmony gratitude can bring to everything. picnic in joy and contemplation. Does their conversation concern the same perplexing questions debated in bars and around dinner tables everywhere, as to how they fit into the world at large? And could they conclude that the simple answer is, ‘Offer gratitude for everything?’

However, for such a recent work, this painting has had a colourful creation and collection history, and experienced some challenges in attaining and maintaining harmony around its creation.  The painting is currently owned by a sperannuation fund and offered for sale. Please contact email: sharon@davsonart.com 


Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenment exhibition posters









Set of 3 signed Patron's Edition exhibition posters

2010 ... signed exhibition poster - Memory
2009 ... signed exhibition poster - Lockyer
2008 ... signed exhibition poster - Stanthorpe
image size: (3 x A3 - 29.7 cm x 42 cm)
$325 . . . for the set of 3 . . . unframed

email: sharon@davsonart.com


 Toes Repose
1975-85 ... etching on rag paper
image size: 2 plates, 9 cm 13 cm each
$2,500 . . . unframed

Toes Repose is a light-hearted work, themed from drawing exercises while studying at the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane in 1974.

The original drawings were from a life model created on origami paper.

These drawings gave focus to the design of the line instead of detail.

Toes Repose
is an etching based on two of these drawings. The plates were prepared in 1975, when the artist was studying at the Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education, Brisbane. They were editioned ten years later in Townsville where she again had access to an etching press. the drawing rather than the realistic tones.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


 Of The Nuclear Generation
1985 ... etching on rag paper
Image size: 11.5 cm x 15.5 cm
$1,800 . . . unframed

Of The Nuclear Generation is the smallest work in this series, it is the second and last design worked as an etching. part of the small series of images the artist created on an anti-nuclear warfare theme, in which all the creatures are mutants. Their challenged sense of purpose reflects the personal turmoil the artist experienced at this time.

Two mutant creatures are positioned on top of a large jigsaw puzzle piece while a third looks tentatively from below. Despite their size difference, the larger character appears quite startled. Perhaps it has a gentler demeanour than we first imagine.

These works of conflict and aggression are poignant in the development of the artist’s career. Later works express greater joy and hope for our planet and all the creatures that share it.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


The Tree Cries, The Artist Bleeds, The Woman Dies - Mirrored
1985 … etching on rag paper, proof print - black and white
image size: 23 cm x 30 cm
$8,500 . . . unframed

The Tree Cries, The Artist, Bleeds, The Woman Dies - Mirrored is a delicate and haunting work. This etching developed from a drawing made in 1983 of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Footage of the artist creating the drawing appears in the television documentary 901 To Innamincka ,featuring Davson and her art.

The first rains in two years had just fallen. Everything appeared energised and fertile, as though calling out to the artist, particularly the gnarled tree. The image is also a very personal statement when a woman realises she may be unable to have children.

The drawing was purchased in 1983 for a collection in Western Australia. The artist created this etching while she was living in Townsville in 1985.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


Transitions - with fern
2004 … silk-screen and relief print
image size: 70 cm x 49 cm, paper size
$5,500 . . . unframed

2004 … silk-screen print
image size: cm x cm
$3,400 . . . unframed

Transitions - with fern is a silk-screen print with a relief print addition. It was created as a variation from the oil painting Melting Transitions Rise. The different colour range gives a subtle late afternoon lighting to the image. It was created as the prototype for the Exclusive Davson Art and Wine Collector Editions.

About the image: The painting from which Transitions - with fern derives is a meditative work reflecting peace, beauty and courage. It is a very personal statement from the artist who created very few personal works. Since 1984, her work was mostly commissioned.

On a small island, surrounded by a sea of imagination, a metaphor about the change in life is played out. A small and vulnerable caterpillar must venture into darkness to change into a chrysalis. Evolving again it realises its true beauty as a butterfly, and experiences the freedom of flight.

For the artist, this process of change symbolises risk, trust and courage - braving the unknown to experience our full potential.

The caterpillar's world is limited to the geography of the island. The beetles can fly, yet they choose to crawl around the ground, hiding from the light while stumbling around the key to their enlightenment.

Is this the human paradox?

Melting Transitions Rise
1987 … oil painting on canvas
image size: 1.68 metres x 1.83 metres 

The painting is currently owned by a 
superannuation fund which is willing
to return it to the market. Contact below for details. . . . framed

email: sharon@davsonart.com



Finding Balance
1990 … silk screen print on rag paper
image size: 25 cm x 18 cm  $2,400 . . . unframed

Finding Balance was created as a series of silkscreen prints in December 1990 on the eve of a world trip with associate Fiona McNeill. These were intended as gifts for people involved in assisting endangered species awareness in countries they were about to visit.

All the images have different colour variations, with a free-flowing background ink.

The imagery is direct yet peaceful. It questions the balance we place upon things on our Earth and in our lives. How much priority do we give to money, nature and wisdom?

email: sharon@davsonart.com

Conversation With A Fern

 1989 …

silk screen print on rag paper
image size: 30 cm x 18 cm
$2,200 . . . unframed

Conversation With A Fern was created by Davson shortly before her exhibition Interwoven Harmonies at her Richmond studio gallery. Unframed prints sold successfully during the exhibition.

The work was inspired by a regular circumstance in her studio which she creatively re-interpreted. In the studio were many potted plants. Her work-companion was her German Shepherd dog, Chloe. It was commonplace for Davson to see Chloe peering at her in the studio - particularly through the foliage near her work-desk.

This modern image echoes earlier works where she created imaginary creatures.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


Survivor At Night
1985 … etching on rag paper
image size: 30 cm x 45 cm
$5,000 . . . unframed

Survivor At Night is part of a small series of images created on an anti-nuclear warfare theme.

All the creatures are mutants, expressing aspects of the artist’s internal turmoil at that time.

Survivor At Night started as a crayon drawing, which was never completed. Instead, the image developed into an etching. The composition is a starker version of the painting Is It Too Late? But its heavy blacks and dramatic lighting have a more disturbing and challenging influence on the viewer, provoking questions as to directions and choices in life.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


Topless Blue
1975-85 … etching on rag paper
image size: 20 cm x 25 cm
$2,200 . . . unframed

Topless Blue began as a delicate line drawing on a small sheet of origami paper.

In 1974, while studying at the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Davson regularly drew from life models. She recorded excerpts of these with conte crayon and inks on small shaped papers. These drawings focussed on line drawing rather than the realistic tones.

In 1975, she re-visited these origami drawings while studying at the Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education, Brisbane, and prepared the plates for this etching. This is when the image developed its texture, ultimately giving this trans-section of nude a rock-like appearance.

Ten years later, the artist gained access to an etching press in Townsville and finally printed the edition.

email: sharon@davsonart.com


San Til - Barred
1974 … silk screen print on paper
image size: 39 cm x 29 cm
$2,400 . . . unframed

email: sharon@davsonart.com


1973 … silk screen print on paper
image size: 38.5 cm x 28.5 cm
$2,600 . . . unframed

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