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To the collector with an eye for the unusual, and a curiosity about value growth potentials of very early examples of Davson art, here is an opportunity not likely to present again.

Shared Wisdom is the ONLY work of art by Davson as a high school student (aged 15 years) that still exists that was created on a surface other than paper. It is beautifully framed and in perfect condition.  

Yes, there was only ever one work by her as a student not on paper!

Below is some background information about the work taken from the book draft edited by Celia Berrell, Davson and Berrell - I Wonder What Reality Is?

Shared Wisdom

Don't be tempted
 1969 - Acrylic paint on ply board  (61 cms x 91 cms - 2 ft x 3 ft)

Shared Wisdom is a fun piece of design by the 15 year old Davson. It was painted on plywood attached to the mesh wire fence of the Gatton Parish Anglican Church for their annual fete and fence painting' fund raiser. The church supplied the boards and the paint, acrylic house paint. The work was done quite quickly and then auctioned.

Her father, Maurice Davson, purchased the painting for $20. A good sum for the painting in a small country town in 1969!

Fish featured in many of her designs, some flattened and romanticised as in this image. Fish, were however, creatures that she knew intimately. Since a very small child she had been fishing with her Dad on week-ends. Initially, in local creeks and waterways, on beaches on holidays, then as she grew in her father's various fishing boats.

Davson grew up in the small South East Queensland town of Gatton with her parents Win and Maurice Davson and sister elder sister Christine.

 Sharon with her Dad fishing in a Lockyer Valley Creek.

"My Dad was a very keen fisherman with a strong love of nature and all contained therein. He was an environmentalist long before there was such a word, and taught me about biodiversity and sustainability, and why you never keep an undersized fish or a female crab."

So fishing became an integral part of her life. "It also gave me huge opportunities to just observe nature, the beauty of atmospheric and seasonal changes, and to simply day-dream. Day-dreaming is such a creative process."

Every couple of weeks or so on a Friday afternoon, the family car would pack up, Maurice and Win, Christine and Sharon would head for the Brisbane water front suburb of Wynnum to visit her grand-mother Mrs Mary May O'Neill.

fishing one
 Sharon with her Dad fishing
on a holiday at the beach.

From when Sharon was about 8 years old, this included trailing a boat.  On those week-end mornings, Maurice Davson would rise first to get things ready.

"I would get up at about 4am, still in the dark, to go with my Dad to Bill William's fish shop. Under a single light bulb, with no light shade, and dangling on an electric cord from the ceiling, cheerful Bill would be well under way with gutting, filleting and de-boning the night's trawler catch of fish. His knives were well worn into thin wavy blades; and the potato peeling machine woored in the background. 

"Dad would get mullet gut, squid, fish heads or other bait depending on the season; and a Cadbury's chocolate and a small bottle of soft drink for me. Then Dad and I'd go fishing on Moreton Bay."

Fishing with her Dad was a major influence in the artist's life, and the grounding for her environmental understandings.


Ascertaining the real value of this work of art is challenging. Shared Wisdom is the ‘beginning' of the artist. It therefore has a place in exhibitions on the life work of the artist, and a place in her career portfolio. This is the very first time since 1969 that it has been offered. 

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Did the whimsy of Shared Wisdom re-emerge in her more mature art?



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