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For many years now Davson's art has been a prized possession by investor collectors.

Are you a leader who values quality and enjoys the added bonuses of originality, rarity and endeavour in your portfolio?

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Please contact Davson Art for information on specific paintings, as these presentations are only available to people with whom there is direct contact.  That information is exclusively for the select group of people interested in Davson's masterpieces and their place in contempory cultural history.

Also please look at important background details about the artist lower on this page.

There are exciting opportunities available for you right now, including  stunning Davson art associated with Pat Farmer's Pole to Pole run.

Davson is compassionate and committed to initiatives for greater harmony for all on our Earth, and to an ongoing association with Pat Farmer.

Opportunities for acquiring a Davson work of art range from a couple of thousand Australian dollars and rise into SEVEN figures.

As a business leader, collector and /or investor wanting to gain financial benefit for your family, your personal or superannuation future, and secure a place in cultural history, consider:

* The value of Davson’s art has doubled approximately every five years for some decades, driven by defined events in the artist’s career.  In recent years, the rise has been more rapid.

* A painting by Davson currently holds the record as having the highest price paid for a painting by a Living Australian artist.

* Given previous history, it is very likely that Davson’s paintings will continue to progressively rise due to the scarcity of her art on the market, her international appeal, her association and profile with world record-making projects, and other initiatives.

* The provenance of Davson’s art remains in perpetuity. In book publications, catalogues, etc., the history of the art is recorded. This includes acknowledging those who have owned it, unless they choose to remain anonymous.

* Davson’s art converses eloquently with the viewer. She endeavours to assist world peace organisations, raise awareness for endangered species and benefit the broader community through her art and activities.

* Since her first sell-out exhibition in 1982, Davson has less than 100 paintings in her professional career. Many comparable artists by this time in their career have created in the thousands!

So this is a surprisingly small number for an artist who is best known for her oil paintings (and for someone who has derived their living from art).

* Also most of her art works began their lives with significant profiles, being purchased and planned prior to their creation. You see, Davson has spent the last three decades working predominantly on commission, so her art was sold before it was created.

* For the collector of rare and valued works, the above is important. For the collectors of that half a dozen or so of her paintings purely created for personal reasons, it is even more so.

These works provide a rare insight into both the tranquillity and turmoil of this strongly spiritual artist, unhampered by the additional facets of incorporating someone else’s perspective into a commissioned work.

* Of these personal paintings, On the Ark of Salvation is certainly the most positively powerful, and acknowledged as her ‘signature’ work.

* It depicts a spiritual richness that dynamically reflects Davson’s passions for our fragile and beautiful planet, her concerns for endangered species and her ceaseless yearning for world peace.

* These issues are so important to Davson, that she has voluntarily spent much of her time and energy pioneering awareness strategies and activities to make a difference for our multicultural animal-vulnerable world.

* And this is the reason why she has created comparably few paintings - she’s been busy doing other things, including founding two charities and a museum.

* These passions and activities are the core that provides so much depth and insight within her art. They have also garnished Davson’s profile of impressive achievements in several different countries with outstanding leaders from many fields of endeavour.


important background details about the artist.

<i>Origins</i> commissioned by World Book International,  Chicago, USA - 1991
Origins commissioned by
World Book International, Chicago, USA - 1991
Davson's professional career spans 3 decades, yet she has created quite a small number of paintings for an internationally renowned artist.

Since her first sell-out solo exhibition of drawings held in Sydney in 1982, Davson has created less than 100 paintings, mostly sold before completion and housed around the world.

This is an unusual circumstance for a professional artist who’s paintings frequently command high profile status.  It is a very small number for a professional artist who has lived from the sale of her art for 30 years.

Throughout the decades, the value of her paintings has continuously risen (doubling in value approximately every five years).

So why has this artist chosen to paint so few art works?

Davson has devoted much of her talents and resources to assisting endangered species awareness, world peace initiatives and other causes.
(She founded two charitable organisations which also attracted the attention of celebrity leaders around the world.)

And importantly for collectors,

Since 1984, the majority of Davson’s paintings have been sold on commission,
that is sold before they were created
to specific people, corporations and / or clubs.

This has made it difficult for collectors / investors to acquire Davson paintings.

In support of Pat Farmer's run adventures, Davson has arranged for affiliated art works to be available for purchase, with a portion of their value being allocated for this purpose.

To find out more about the art available and to learn just how Davson became involved Pat's ventures, please view the other pages in this menu group.

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The value of Davson's paintings has doubled within approximately every 5 years for 3 decades, 
and periodically more frequently.

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