Davson’s art on show

international exhibitions and successes

from 1986 onwards

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art commissions and events.


relevant exhibitions in the Davson Arts Museum

from 2010

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retrospective touring exhibitions

1999 - 2002 and 2008 - 2012

For an artist to have an historical collection of their work displayed in a public gallery is a great honour. Such retrospective shows are only bestowed on artists who have made significant achievements within the visual arts.

To date, Davson has had two retrospective collections which have featured in over 20 public gallery showings.

With Gratitude For The Light toured from April 1999 to May 2002.

Her second major retrospective Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenment toured from 2008-2011.

Both retrospective exhibitions had their first shown in the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery in Queensland.

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evolution of Davson’s first major retrospective exhibition tour

1996 – 1999

Davson’s retrospective exhibitions have occurred due to a progression of extremely supportive events.

Most of Davson’s art was sold before it was created. This meant art works were delivered directly to their owners, with no opportunity for the paintings to be exhibited. Davson received requests from various art galleries for showings, but she rarely owned sufficient pieces to exhibit.

Then in 1996, some of Davson’s clients offered to lend their paintings back to the artist, in support for her charity, Artists For Life, which promoted awareness for endangered species.

Davson’s With Gratitude solo exhibition in 1996 in the Renaissance Sydney Hotel was the foundation exhibition that later evolved into the major retrospective collection With Gratitude For The Light.

For this initial exhibition she borrowed 4 major works from Coro Corp Limited in New Zealand, 14 paintings from the Rooty Hill RSL Club & Resort and one painting each from Cathay Pacific Airways, Swiss Design & Décor and Konica. Also included were several paintings borrowed from private collections.

(Held in conjunction with the exhibition were two black tie dinners and other functions. One of the dinners was held in support of a charity founded by Davson, Artists For Life endangered species awareness, and had as its guest speakers Horst Rechelbacher, Founder and Chairman of the Aveda Foundation and Member of the International Green Cross Committee, and Robert Hill, a Senator for South Australia, Leader of the Government in the Senate and Federal Minister for the Environment.)

Pleased with the enthusiasm shown for the exhibition, and the care and professionalism with which Davson handled their art works, these clients and collectors encouraged Davson to display their paintings in other exhibitions.

In August 1998, Davson held a solo exhibition in the Newcastle Town Hall, promoting the charity Life Without Barriers.

This larger exhibition with its Black Tie Dinner raised over $10,000 funds for people with disabilities. Along with the loaned works from the With Gratitude exhibition, it featured works on loan from James Fairfax AO, Interforwarding International and the Cardiff Workers Club (now Panthers Cardiff). This brought together the core art works and patrons for Davson’s first major retrospective exhibition.

To provide funding for the planned retrospective exhibition, in 1998 a Newcastle based collector, Kevin Brown, funded the production of a Limited Edition Print from Davson’s painting Together We Can. Davson added an original drawing to many of the prints, and their sale subsidised much of the costs of touring the exhibition.

Davson received expressions of interest from regional art galleries in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. This major retrospective collection With Gratitude for the Light was firstly shown a the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery in Queensland in April 1999.

“Davson’s work not only brought an impressive and thought-provoking exhibition to the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, it also brought her expertise in professional arts management.

Davson gave generously of her time and professional arts practice expertise in formal discussion meetings with the President of the Art Gallery Society, Committee Members, professional and voluntary gallery staff, elected and executive members of Stanthorpe Shire Council.”

Tom Knobel, Shire Economic Development Manager, Stanthorpe Shire Council, QLD


a second major retrospective exhibition of her work

With Gratitude For The Light was enthusiastically received in all venues. This inspired other collectors of her art to encourage preparations for a second major exhibition of her work.

Wishing to promote peace and harmony within local communities, Davson agreed another such exhibition. She also called on the support of her celebrity affiliations for this 2nd major survey exhibition titled Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenment.


Clean Up Australia National Conference, Sydney, NSW


Davson’s painting Together We Can was the theme image for the Clean Up Australia National Conference held in the Sydney Renaissance Hotel.

The painting was on display and miniature copies were given to all the delegates as souvenirs. Davson was guest speaker at one of the conference sessions

Together We Can was initially commissioned in 1995 as a greetings card for UNISYS with the title of Uniting Natural Innovation Strengthens Your Success.

(In 1998, the painting was purchased by James Fairfax AO for his collection in Bowral, NSW. In 1999, it was reproduced as a limited edition print and appeared on the front cover of the With Gratitude For The Light exhibition catalogue.)


Transitions, solo survey exhibition
in the Manning Regional Art Gallery, NSW


Davson was invited to hold a solo exhibition in the Manning Regional Art Gallery in Taree in April 1990.

This was the artist’s first survey exhibition to be assembled and shown in a public regional art gallery.

Titled, Melting Transitions, it contained significant works from 1974 to 1990. At the request of the Manning Regional Art Gallery, Davson gifted an original etching from her exhibition for their permanent collection.


other solo exhibitions – Australia

1985 – 1996

2004 to 2006 . . . 9 solo shows with the Gratitude Luncheons, Newcastle, NSW

1998 . . . Win Davson Art Gallery & Museum, Gatton, QLD

1995 . . . Time to Grow, Artists For Life Gallery, Sydney, NSW

1993 . . . Art Car, Sinclair Ford Showroom, Penrith, NSW

1992 . . . Shelter In The Sun, Rooty Hill RSL Club & Resort, Sydney, NSW

1989 . . . Interwoven Harmonies, Sharon Davson Studios & Gallery, Richmond, NSW

1986 . . . First Impressions Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW

1985 . . . An Evolutionary View, First impressions Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW


first solo exhibition - a sell out in Sydney


Davson had taken a couple of her drawings to Alvin Rasicot’s Village Frame Shop Gallery in Greenwich, Sydney for framing. He was impressed by their originality and intrigued by the layers of contemplative issues each image provoked. So he invited her to hold an art show in his gallery.

This was Davson’s first solo exhibition. The show was predominantly drawings she had created during her bus journeys. This sell-out exhibition, themed Anti-Apathy, was shown in December 1982.

The exhibition’s success led to the documentary film 901 to Innamincka about Davson, her art and lifestyle.

“Davson’s work is not feeble decoration or mindless banter. She raises pertinent and impertinent questions about her country, her world and the people who run both.”

Alvin Rasicot, Gallery Director, Village Frameshop Gallery, 1982


other group exhibitions

1973 - 2006

2004 to 2006 . . . 2 group shows with the Gratitude Luncheons, Newcastle, NSW

2003 onwards . . . The cow muster charity art event with 3 cows, Shepparton, VIC

1999 . . . Dame Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith, NSW

1998 . . . TAFE College of Art - Hunter Street Campus, Newcastle, NSW

1993 to 1996. . . Exhibited in and curated many exhibitions with Artists For Life and the Artists For Life Gallery, Sydney, NSW

1992 to 1993 . . . Exhibited in & curated exhibitions for the Cornelius Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW

1989 . . . Artlook Galleries, (three person show), Sydney, NSW

1985 to 1987 . . . Exhibited in and curated many exhibitions with First Impressions Art Gallery (Glebe and Ultimo), Sydney, NSW

1983 to 1998 . . . Ian Fairweather Memorial Art Gallery & Museum, Bribie Island, QLD

1978 onwards . . . Win Davson Art Gallery & Museum,Gatton, QLD

1974 . . . Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, QLD
International Student Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

1973 . . . Exhibited in and curated exhibitions for Toowong Art Gallery, Brisbane, QLD

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