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. . . in a 30 year professional art career, Davson has created less than 100 paintings.  Her paintings are inspirational, rare, highly valued internationally and investment works of art . . .

The gallery below is progressively expanding to include her professional career paintings from the 1980's onwards, and those of her youthful beginnings. 

One click on any image, give it time to load, and you have a slide show of her paintings. ... an extraordinary overview of a creative originality and achievement, inspiring to the point that her art and concepts have frequently been copied ...

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evolution and understanding of Davson's paintings

Davson gained a solid understanding of light and shade and its importance in the creative process from her first art teacher, her mother Mrs Win Davson MBE.

At the Queensland College of Art where Davson studied Fine Art for three years in the early 1970's, there was a dominant emphasis on the abstract vision. So the youthful artist embraced the opportunity to experiment with colour, texture and various mediums.

By 1978, Davson was forging her own style.

She was living on a small acreage in rural QLD, feeling politically disempowered, personally betrayed by her best friend's affair with her husband and the breakdown of her marriage, and she was teaching full-time to high school students and part-time to adults at night.  This is when her art ‘gelled' into large collaged works of art featuring baby images cut from magazines and assembled as 'landscapes' with environmental and political themes.

Only two works from this period are known to remain; Government and Nia Ruwe - Whose Land? (There is a photo included here of a third work.)

In 1979, Davson's imagery had evolved from putting pieces of cut out imagery together, to imagery containing both cut photography and drawn jig-saw puzzle pieces.  Her first collaged and drawn jig-saw puzzle work of art was a 'drawing' titled Drop Zone.

This was a natural evolution in her style, and visually empowered and freed the artist giving her the solid foundations of her child-hood love of jig-saw puzzles.

In 1979, still teaching, Davson was also breeding horses and studying the Tao - the Chinese philosophy of change.  To her, the jig-saw puzzle piece was the perfect shape through which to visually communicate.  It had both yin and yang - male and female components.  A puzzle piece can function well as an individual, yet when combined they can create a greater picture (just like people); and these shapes gave the viewer entry points to seek, understand or question the multi-layered concepts and ideas embodied in Davson's works of art.

Jig-saw puzzle pieces have remained a pivitol aspect of the artist's work to this day; as has the environmental aspect of her themes.


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The value of Davson's paintings has doubled within approximately every 5 years for 3 decades, 
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