Davson's drawings and other works 

. . . cover a diverse range of medium and style giving greater insight into this professional artist who is best known for her rare and highly valued paintings . . .

Below is a selection of her drawings, glass works and some sculptural pieces. Images are progressively being added.  Please come back periodically, refresh your screen and take another look.  It will ultimately include works from the early 1970's to date.

One click on any image, give it a few seconds to load, you and you will have a gallery slide show of her work from the most recent to earlier works. 

A number of these works are available for sale and make quality investment acquisitions, especially as several are currently modestly priced.  
Please contact us for further information.

email: sharon@davsonart.com . . . . . mobile: +61 (0)416 026 426




What is your next art acquisition going to be?  
Is it to be an investment in a Davson?

email: sharon@davsonart.com  . . . mobile: +61 . (0)416 026 426

Davson Art and management are not licensed investment advisers; speak with your accountant on such matters.
However, Sharon Davson’s works of art are purchased by collectors and investors, many with investment in mind and self-managed superannuation funds. Deeds of Sale certificates are provided.
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