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Internationally published poet, Celia Berrell, is Sharon Davson's official biographer.
She has written many presentations about the artist, as well as co-written and edited the Biographies behind the Concise Bio and Full Bio buttons on this website.

Most extraordinarily, she has penned close to a hundred poems about animals, environmental issues and friendship; each inspired by a Davson artwork.

You can find a sample series of environmental poems and Davson ’s images on the Science Rhymes website ( These beautifull worded verses have been appreciated world-wide as an educational resource.

Three of the poems, accompanied by the works of art by Davson that inspired the poetry, published in school text books in Australia, Ireland and Canada . Australlia’s MacMillan English 7 includes The Beauty of It All accompanied by Davson’s painting Called Away; Ireland’s Better English 6th Class features Town And Country Air; Canada’sNelson English 10 features Mother of Invention.

With about 100 poems written and correlating works of art by Davson that inspired the poems, some of theseouplings will be published as children’s books.

Others will be published for a more 'adult audience' as the artist and poet, with the help of others, are creating a series of book publications to celebrate this world-first collaboration.  It is usually the artist who illustrates the poetry – not the other way round!

'Over the centuries, many artists have illustrated literary works; and on rare occasions, a poet or songwriter has penned verse about a specific work of art. This is something quite different.'
Janice Nitschke 2013
Board Member - South Australian Libraries 1989-2011;
Director - Millicent Art Gallery, Millicent SA;
Manager - Libraries and Culture, Wattle Range Council.

Celia Berrell's website is an inspiration that also brings science and the arts together. Please take a look ....

Berrell is a also regular contributor to Australia’s CSIRO children’s magazine Scientriffic, this internationally published Cairns-based poet Celia Berrell skilfully combines science and rhyming verse.

Her educational resources have received approval from organisations such as James Cook and Flinders Universities in Australia and the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in UK.

In 2012, with the assistance of a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund, Science Educator Dr Clifford Jackson from James Cook University Cairns Australia, vetted over 100 Science Rhymes poems for their scientific accuracy and educational merit. The first 34 poems were released as an eBook on Amazon Kindle (and limited edition hard copy) book titled Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes.

Her poetry is also published in Dr. Peter Heise-Pavlov’s book 2,000 Feral Pigs: My Part in Their Downfall, including front cover acknowledgement of the poet.

And in several volumes of the Tropical Writers book publications, including Lost in the Mangroves.

Celia Berrell has a fabulous talent. As well as being Sharon Davson’s s official biographer, she has had small series of 'Inflight Magazine' articles published about Davson and her art, that include poems as her interpretation of the art.

This amazing collaboration of artist and poet started with Berrell writing poems about the artist dating back to 1982.


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