World Flag
                   World Flag
Together we can . . .

establish a symbol of
caring for all on our Earth ~
a World Flag ... 

It is time . . .  A World Flag is for all inhabitants our Earth; a flag for unity of purpose, as we make efforts to live in greater harmony with each other and all that we share in this world. 

You can be a part of helping establish this symbol of unity with all on our planet.  Please download or copy the image and reproduce it however you can.  Put it up on your Facebook or other.  Please share with us where you displayed this image.

Is this farewell
                         Is This Farewell?
          1997 - 2006 oil painting on canvas
                 91cms high x 1.22 m wide

Sharon Davson, World Flag designer, artist and long-time advocate for greater harmony for all inhabitants of our world, has incorporated the flag in her art.  How and where will you display it?

The design is deliberately simple and geometric for easy reproduction; a child with crayons can draw it.

The World Flag contains essential elements common to all cultural philosophies and religions.  The red vertical represents spirit, fire and sun; (the hot, vertical energy of the time in which we are living).  This crosses the blue horizontal of calm, water and moon; (the more gentle era of our past cultures).  The white background represents the clarity and purity of air, translucence and transcendence.  Along the bottom is the Earth, illustrated by the 5 spiritual colours for humans as described in ultra-ancient times; blue, red, white, yellow and purple.

sharon sticker
    Davson's art & World Flag

Over the years prominent members of our 'global community' have stepped up as Patrons of the World Flag initiative including Sir Cliff Richard, Dame Cleo Laine, Nana Mouskouri, Leo Syaer, Sir Jack Brabham, Cathy Freeman and Mark Richards.

Click here to view Patrons, Ambassadors and Participants on the Special World Flag.

Australia's Parliament House to the Middle East

With a backdrop of her art, Australian Prime Minister the Honourable Tony Abbott was presented with a World Flag by Sharon Davson on 23 April 2014.  This occasion launched the Middle East Peace Run and was celebrated in the House of Representatives Alcove, Parliament House, Canberra.

The images below include events soon afterwards, with Davson in Israel in May 2014.  Davson's Sponsorship in the Middle East Peace Run with Pat Farmer ensured significant events took place in Israel.  The artist also visited Jordan.  She plans retuning to both of these countries, as well as many others in the Middle East.


In 2014 and 2015, World Flags are going to the Middle East for inclusion in the Davson ~ Connecting Friends cultural exchange events; and God willing, to other events and venues across the world for decades to come.  

Colleen and Sharon
      Sharon Davson and Colleen Hegarty

'Congratulations on efforts to promote recognition of the World Flag. It is such a basic requirement to enable all races and religions to unite.' 
Robin Greatbatch, Singapore, April 2014.

Individuals, groups, organisations, businesses, cultural and religious bodies are progressively adopting the World Flag with a specially hand sewn 2.5m x 1.5m flag leading the way.

Sewn by Colleen Hegarty.  It is being endorsed with contributor's names and displayed in public venues in the Middle East and elsewhere.

With a supporter's contribution, YOUR NAME could be on this World Flag.  Davson is progressively adding names; she could add yours!

Pole to pole tribulations
            2011-12 - oil paint on linen canvas
                  92 cm high x 1.02 cm wide

Please help the World Flag fly….
Contributors of $5 or more receive an electronic Certificate of Participation, and have your name recorded on documentation associated with the display of the World Flag.

Your participation has legacy, symbolicism and fun.  It assists in events and the production of World Flags for international distribution; and benefits charitable initiatives.  We are grateful for all endorsements.

For YOU, your syndicate, corporation or organisation to be honoured with your name permanently on this legendary World Flag, contributions range from $40 to $1,000, or by negotiation.

World flag
                   World Flag

In gratitude for your endorsement, Your Name would be recorded in permanent black ink on the large flag;  You would receive a Certificate of Participation;  You would be listed in documentation and on websites associated with the World Flag;  and listed on the names' plaque beside the flag when exhibited.

Gold coast Benji
Gold Coast Benji & World Flag

Click here to view Patrons, Ambassadors and Participants on the Special World Flag.

Gold Coast Benji, a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow and representative of unconditional love, is participating.  His 'paw' print is on the flag, and he is part of events associated with Davson's - Connecting Friends Middle East cultural exchange.

(The late Maurice Davson, Sharon's father, was also a
Paul Harris Fellowship recipient.)

We trust you will enjoy being a part of these history-making inspirations and events.  Please make your 'own event' anywhere, anytime, in the physical or cyber worlds and let us know about it. 
We happily receive all activities, pledges and contributions with much gratitude.

Funds from your contribution go towards assisting the Connecting Friends - World Flag events in the Middle East, its promotion, manufacture and distribution of flags, and assisting local charities where there are major events.  Longer term, we desire to establish arts, peace and Earth centres in several locations.

The World Flag is an expression of love and unity for all. Most flags separate us into various exclusive groups.  Even the United Nations Flag does not include all countries.

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A snapshot of other World Flag Events over the decade

Davson is committed to assisting greater harmony on our Earth.  This artist has started charitable initiatives to assist this goal, including one for endangered species in 1990 and the other for world peace in 2000.  In 2004, Davson designed this flag for ALL who inhabit our Earth, including other species with which we share our global environment.

World Flag flies for peace

15 April 2014, the World Flag was flown for the first time from a flag pole.  Organised by John Hegarty, it was raised in the In the Yunung Community Garden, of the Morisset Multi-purpose Centre, Morisset NSW.

The flagpole is adjacent to the Peace Statue, the Anzac and Armistice Remembrance Garden and the Ice Cream Tree and the event was attended by the inaugural Southlake Bus Tour group and others.

Peace Run Logo
The logo colours are
from the World Flag


Middle East Peace Run Logo

5th April 0214, Davson received a copy of Middle East Peace Run logo designed by Danny Harkim and Dana Hila in Israel.   This logo used the colours of the World Flag for its inspiration.

Presentations to Ambassadors and Dignitaries

18th March, at the Australia Arab Trade Expo in NSW Parliament House, Sydney, numerous dignitaries were presented with World Flags by Sharon Davson.  The following week in Canberra, further presentations, meetings and photo opportunities transpired.

Sharon and Pat
      Davson and Farmer and the World Flag


Pat Farmer and Gold Coast Benji get painted

29th January 2014,on a grassed area overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Pat Farmer endorsed the special exhibition World Flag with his original, autographed hand prints.  Gold Coast Benji added his footprints soon afterwards.

(Photo Gallery Pat Farmer / GC Benji & Flag)
The World Flag in Davson’s art

Since 2006, Davson has incorporated the World Flag into her art.  This included into the paintings she created flowing from her significant Sponsorship of Pat Farmer’s Pole to Pole run.

(Photo Gallery SD art with wf & PF)
World Flag on steps of Suza, Takayama, Japan
The Special World Flag visits Japan

In October / November 2011, the World Flag visited Takayama, Japan.  It was a part of a large street march through the streets of the city, and displayed at other venues.

(Photo Gallery of World Flag in Japan)
2 Special 2.5 metre World Flags created

In early 2011, two large, special 2.5 metre World Flags handmade by Colleen Hegarty.  One of these flags was to go to the North Pole for the start of Pat Farmer’s Pole to Pole run, but unforeseen circumstances prevented the artist attending.

 Sharon and Leo Close
 Davson with Leo Sayer who is a Patron of the
World Flag and her art at her D~WL&E exhibition.

However, this flag with a growing number of names being added to it, will feature in the Middle East events and future events.

2nd Major retrospective of Davson's art in exhibition tour

2008-2011, a prototype of the the World Flag hung in the major retrospective touring exhibition of Davson's art titled Davson ~ World Leaders & Enlightenment.

This exhibition toured in public regional art galleries and venues in Australia.

World flag provenance
 World Flag hanging in Davson ~ World
Leaders & Enlightenment

This prototype flag has original, autographed hand-prints by numerous celebrities on it, including by international music entertainers Leo Sayer, Nana Mouskouri, Jimmy Webb; IndyCar and ChampCar racing champions Carl Haas, Jimmy Vasser, Sebastien Bourdais and Graham Rahal.

This flag endorsed with celebrity handprints is in the collection of the Davson Arts Museum peace & environment centre in Newcastle, NSW Australia.

(Photo Gallery of World Flag in D~WL&E exhibitions)
Hikaru Memorial Museum collection, Takayama, Japan

Since 2005, a prototype has been in the Hikaru Memorial Museum collection in Takayama, Japan.  It is accompanied by Davson’s 1996 painting With Gratitude Comes Growth and documentation on her art, life and work for peace and environmental initiatives.

2004 - Davson designs the World Flag

With a desire to foster greater harmony, Davson designed this flag for ALL who inhabit our Earth, including other species with which we share our global environment.  The design was deliberately simple and geometric for easy reproduction under any circumstances, and with the ease for children to draw it.

Two original prototypes for this World Flag were hand-made in 2004.

Davson has since modified the design slightly.

World flag
                   World Flag


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